Orange County Flyers
Golden Baseball League
March, 2007
Goodwin Field
Fullerton, California

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Golden Baseball League Sells Fullerton Flyers to Orange County Group

New Owners Include Actor James Denton of Desperate Housewives

(Pleasanton, CA. March 19, 2007) The Golden Baseball League, a professional independent minor league, is pleased to announce that the Fullerton Flyers Professional Baseball Club has been sold to an Orange County, CA. based investment group organized as the Fullerton Flyers LLC for a seven-figure purchase price. The new ownership group is headed by President Alan Mintz, longtime Orange County resident and an experienced owner of minor league sports franchises, and fellow managing partners Harris Tulchin and Bob Young, both prominent entertainment attorneys. Also, included in the ownership group is actor James Denton, who stars as Mike the Plumber on the hit television show Desperate Housewives.


28 March 2007

Professional Baseball Team in Orange County Changes Name

Flyers now known as Orange County Flyers Professional Baseball Team

Fullerton, CA. March 28, 2007) Last week the Golden Baseball League sold the Fullerton Flyers to a local, Orange County-based investment group, headed up by Entrepreneur Alan Mintz from Newport Coast, CA. Mintz, CEO of publicly traded Buckeye Ventures Inc ., is an experienced minor league baseball owner and was a producer on the feature film, Rudy. Today, Mintz and partners, entertainment attorneys Harris Tulchin and Bob Young have changed the team identity to the Orange County Flyers. The team colors and logo will remain the same, with the exception of the name "Fullerton" being replaced by "Orange County" on all logos, team letterhead, etc. They will also continue to play at Goodwin Field on the Campus of Cal State Fullerton.

"We have been discussing this idea for months (during the sales process)," Mintz stated. "We believe it allows us to expand our reach and introduce our brand to the rest of the 3 million residents of this great county. The community of Fullerton has been outstanding for the first two seasons for the Flyers, and we are excited to keep the team right here. This simply gets us into the mind set of the rest of the county that we are, indeed, Orange County's professional baseball team."

With the addition of several local investors, including actor James Denton from the hit ABC TV Show Desperate Housewives, the Flyers are infusing a new energy and excitement into the area.

The move to the Orange County Flyers name is indicative of the goal that the Flyers have of growing into the premier family entertainment option in Orange County, and into one of the finest independent professional baseball entities in the country.

"The communities around us have been wonderful in their support of the Flyers so far," explained Flyers 3rd year General Manager Ed Hart. "We could not have asked for more from the residents and businesses in this area, and are excited to include the 3 million residents of Orange County now. Starting out with the Fullerton name was huge for us because so many people across the country know Fullerton as a baseball town, thanks to the tremendous success of the Cal State Fullerton baseball team. Now it is time for us grow up and form our own identity."

The Flyers will also drastically enhance their reach into the Hispanic and Asian communities in the area, as well, with regular heritage nights, authentic food options, and player appearances in those communities.. Over 1 million of Orange County's residents are Hispanic or Asian.


For the 2008 season, the Flyers were coached by Gary Carter and the team won the championship!

At the home opening game for the 2009 season, the championship rings were given to the team members.