(for the sake of saving space, much of the inconsequential chatter has been edited)

<Jamie>Hey guys

<Tina> HI Jamie!
<FrenchGirl> Hi Jamie!
<Kathy> hi jamie :D
<Kimmi> he Jamie
<caro_from_france> Hi jamie!!
<Chickydoodles> Hello MR. Wonderful!!!
<maddie> Hi Jamie
<Biene_from_Germany> hi jamie!!
<Larry> (Nancy says Hi!)
<jenbean> Hi Jaime
<yael> hi fro israel
<jannette> hi jamie
<Riya> Hey Jamie
<Emilie> hi jamie
<pretender1121> Thank you so much for taking time to come chat with us!=)
<maddie> This is so exciting.

<Jamie> Sorry I'm late
<Jamie> Came from a "family thing"

<yael> did you come from the set?
<Jessi> we're just exited you're here
<Chickydoodles> A day with Jamie is a day with Sunshine

<Jamie> We wrapped last night at 3am

<pretender1121> those are always fun
<jannette> that's late

<Jamie> Thanks Linda

<Chickydoodles> :-)
<FrenchGirl> you should be tired
<maddie> Will you be at the CAN ride tomorrow?
<yael> nice.I also have two kids and had a family day

<Jamie> It's a pretty easy job...
<Jamie> I don't think I'll get to the CAN ride - my wife is riding though
<Jamie> I'm doing a CAN benefit Monday night

<Tina> is that with Band from TV?

<Jamie> No, it's a dramatic reading thing
<Jamie> I really don't know too much about it

<MC_california> Id' love to come see you guys play sometime
<Kathy> hehe lol
<maddie> Too bad you cant make it - I'll say Hi to your wife.
<jenbean> sounds interesting
<jannette> So is it "fun" to be in a coma, just laying there while others have to learn their lines?
<Chickydoodles> I bet Jamie's a wonderful singer

<Jamie> I was never going to the ride
<Jamie> I saw that it said I was, but I had two or three things I was supposed to do tomorrow
<Jamie> the one I was going to do is the Malibu triathlon
<Jamie> but my knee's not holding up enough for that

<Bebe> Hi, Jamie!!! You do both comedy and drama on DH. Which -- as an actor -- do you prefer? And what's your favorite scene from DH?

<Jamie> I'm too old

<Jamie> My favorite DH scene
<Jamie> is from season 1 when Mike walks Susan home after the dinner at Bree's

<Kathy> haha ilove that scene :D
<Emilie> I am intimidated I do not even dare to speak to you

<Jamie> "For what it's worth...wow."

<yael> how is it working with Teri hatcher?
<jannette> I loved the WOW part
<Tina> loved that scene!!! (from Gina)
<Silvermoon> yeah that one was hilarious
<Biene_from_Germany> graet scene!
<Kathy> hehe so cute :D

<Jamie> Go ahead, Emilie

<Jessi> that was funny
<MC_california> that was one great line, delivered perfectly
<pretender1121> I love that lne, Jamie
<caro_from_france> yeah this sentence is culte!

<Jamie> I think the show is really missing that nice romance from season 1

<Emilie> yes jamie thanks
<jenbean> I agree
<jannette> So Jamie what happened to your tooth?
<Kathy> yesyesyes---we need Susan&Mike together...

<Jamie> didn't have that at all last year

<pretender1121> I miss the mystery part of the show
<yael> yes we want to see more of you and Susan
<Jamie> this year's mystery is great
<pretender1121> any spoilers?
<Chickydoodles> As long as there is plenty of screen time for Jamie
<Bebe> DO TELL
<Kathy> haha the orson thing i guess
<Kimmi> can you tell us what it is?
<Tina> I just want to see more of YOU, with or without Susan

<Jamie> It primarily involves Orson and Mike

<Kathy> *true
<Tina> cool
<maddie> I second that Tina
<Kimmi> cool, does that mean more Mike?
<Emilie> Did French discover you in May with the series desperate housewives they are impatient to see the season 2, which can you say to them?
<Biene_from_Germany> i have a long time to wait for season 3 :(

<Jamie> much more Mike than last year

<yael> how is the work with Teri?
<Chickydoodles> Can you say when you wake up from the coma?
<jenbean> I know you can't actually tell us, but do you know what Orson has against Mike?

<Jamie> I wake up in the first three episodes...
<Jamie> I do know what he has against Mike
<Jamie> It's good

<Tina> Jamie will the paterinity of Zach ever been 100% resolved one way or the other, definatively?
<Jessi> Is it true that you fell asleep laying there?

<Jamie> The show is much better this year - trust me

<Bebe> Tell us about Zack
<Kathy> i hope so...
<pretender1121> the lack of Mike last season had me half watching. I need a reason to really pay attention again

<Jamie> Better mystery and funnier

<Kimmi> i thought it was good last year too though
<Chickydoodles> If there's more you, then of course it will be better
<MC_california> sounds great
<yael> what will happens with Mike& Susan?
<jannette> I love to see them more together
<maddie> Jamie, do you watch the show yourself?
<Biene_from_Germany> how much seasons want you to do?

<Jamie> Both Mike and Susan get involved with other people
<Jamie> temporarily

<Kathy> *sighs*
<caro_from_france> what!!!
<yael> but they end together?
<jannette> thank god temporarily
<Chickydoodles> What types of outfits will you be wearing besides a hospital gown?

<Jamie> Last night I had on pajama bottoms
<Kimmi> just bottoms?
<jannette> just that!!
<jannette> WOW
<yael> with Eddie?
<pretender1121> Jamie, oyu look good in anything.. except maybe that flowered shirt
<jenbean> I like the sound of that
<pretender1121> =)
<Tina> LOL Michelle
<Chickydoodles> looks good always
<MichelleG> So it's safe to say that you're not the one dying in the supermarket shootout?

<Jamie> Not me

<Kimmi> yay!
<Chickydoodles> that's good
<maddie> Are you blushing yet Jamie?
<pretender1121> there's a spoiler if i ever saw one
<Kimmi> that'd suck if you died
<Chickydoodles> Jamie makes others blush
<yael> will you tell about the work with Teri?

<Jamie> I'm just shaking my head
<Jamie> Teri is great

<jannette> So were you scared when Teri was shaving you?

<Jamie> We always have a lot of fun
<Jamie> she's very smart
<Jamie> I should've been scared...

<Chickydoodles> will you have some funny scenes? I love it when you do comedy
<Kathy> teri and you have such a wonderful chemistry..that's for sure
<Chickydoodles> We're harmless Jamie

<Jamie> Mike comes out of the coma a little cranky, unfortunately

<jannette> too bad
<Kimmi> who wouldn't, lol
<pretender1121> who wouldn't?
<Bebe> That should be hilarious
<yael> I can't watch Mike with someone else
<Kathy> "cranky" lol
<jannette> me either
<pretender1121> how long is Mike actually *in* a coma?

<Jamie> I wake up within the first three eps...
<Jamie> won't tell you which one
<Jamie> that's no fun

<yael> well we have to wait
<maddie> So he's been in a coma aprox 6-7 months?
<Emilie> is what you will know if zach is really your son because i have doubts?
<pretender1121> hmmm, no I mean in the context of the show, how much time passes?
<Tina> So, six months plus 3 eps?

<Jamie> yep
<Jamie> maybe three
<Jamie> maybe two....

<Chickydoodles> it's worth it just to watch you in a coma, as long as you're on the screen
<Kimmi> now you're teasing us
<FrenchGirl> don't forget they have the same blood group emilie
<pretender1121> that means nothing
<yael> read the spoilers guys
<Chickydoodles> I'd watch even if they spent the whole show showing you in a coma
<Bebe> So what's going on with Zack in season 3?

<Jamie> Re:Zach

<Kathy> he wants to tease us lol
<jenbean> So are you generally happy with the direction that Mike's storyline is taking?
<caro_from_france> it's always interesting to see you in a bed :p

<Jamie> He has a lot to do in season 2

<Tina> season 3?

<Jamie> most of the season for Mike is spent trying to figure that out

<Kathy> but we never got to know if mike is the father of zach...

<Jamie> It's not perfectly clear

<yael> how many episodes were already shoot?
<Kimmi> i kinda hope he's not
<Emilie> ah yes sorry
<pretender1121> i really hope that's not the case

<Jamie> we're on episode 6 now

<Kathy> cool
<Biene_from_Germany> yeah
<pretender1121> are you shooting the eps in order?
<yael> do you shoot on November?
<Chickydoodles> will you be doing anymore plumbing on the show?
<Tina> can you tell us which cast members aren't coming back? or is that confidential still?

<Jamie> we shoot through April
<Jamie> we lost 8 cast members

<yael> no breaks?

<Jamie> that's a bunch

<pretender1121> yikes, thats a lot
<Biene_from_Germany> so much?
<Jessi> that is a lot
<Kimmi> 8???
<Riya> Wow, that's half the cast.
<Chickydoodles> glad you weren't one of them
<Kathy> yay...that is actually really good

<Jamie> I don't really understand the turnover
<Jamie> I still don't understand killing Rex

<Chickydoodles> me neither
<pretender1121> me either. i want him back
<Kimmi> can you give us a hint for at least one person who dies?
<Kathy> me neither...that was mean

<Jamie> he ain't comin back

<pretender1121> are you sure?
<Biene_from_Germany> and george... interessting charakter!
<pretender1121> not even in flashbacks?
<yael> I'm trying to get in the set as a visitor

<Jamie> there aren't any plans for flashbacks now

<Kimmi> i'd like to see a flashback of Mike though
<Larry> darn, I was hoping you'd dream some stuff that would give more background information.
<Chickydoodles> Have you been in every epidsode so far?
<Emilie> with witch actor of the serie best you do hear you?

<Jamie> it's tough to visit because its technically a "closed set"

<Kathy> is there a person in particular that you most enjoy working with? expect of teri....

<Jamie> I love working with Kyle
<Jamie> and Nicolette

<maddie> I saw you the 1st time on the set.
<Kathy> i guess nicollette is fun lol....
<yael> i know but I have good connection.i hope
<maddie> My daughter was there for an audition.
<Tina> is Kyle as "interesting" a personality as he comes across as?

<Jamie> yes - he's a great guy
<Jamie> one of the nicest I've ever worked with

<Kathy> i don't like his chatacter tho lol
<Emilie> ok thanks your answer

<Jamie> not exactly what you'd expect, huh?

<pretender1121> which one is Kyle again? pardon my ignorance
<Kathy> lol no
<Riya> Orson.
<Biene_from_Germany> orson
<Chickydoodles> the wierdo
<Tina> good to hear he is nice, his roles are always a bit dark or odd
<pretender1121> that explains it. i haven't seen those eps yet. thanks
<Kimmi> i don't like him cause he ran you over, i liked him before that though... kind of
<caro_from_france> we haven't saw him yet in france
<Silvermoon> Oh no, my dad says we have to go somewhere. It was nice chatting with you, Jamie. Keep up the good work XD

<Jamie> the main guys this year are Ricardo, Doug, Kyle, Dougray Scott and me
<Jamie> thanks Silvermoon

<Emilie> you have to practice of internet you type quickly
<yael> anyway I hope to ge able to enter the set and see you
<Kathy> aw the new love interest for susan...

<Jamie> say hi if you get in

<jannette> what do you think of that?
<Bebe> So Carlos will be back?
<yael> ofcourse!!

<Jamie> I like it - something to keep Mike and Susan apart besides fighting

<jenbean> So besides DH, do you have any other projects that you are currently working on?

<Jamie> I just shot a movie called
<Jamie> "wanted undead or alive"
<Jamie> it's a zombie western

<Chickydoodles> Did you have fun on the set?

<Jamie> should be hilarious

<Bebe> when will that be out
<MC_california> was it fun to shoot?
<Jessi> Is that going to be coming out in theaters?

<Jamie> me and Chris Kattan from SNL

<jannette> will it be broadcasted in europe?
<pretender1121> do oyu know when that might be released?
<Kimmi> cool

<Jamie> out around the first of the year

<Chickydoodles> did he act wild and crazy?
<Kathy> chriss kattan...i like him

<Jamie> he's a nut

<Chickydoodles> so you were the normal one then?

<Jamie> it was a lot of fun
<Jamie> big comedy is the most fun to do
<Jamie> shot it in Santa Fe
<Jamie> fun town

<Chickydoodles> You have great comedic timing
<Kathy> i want to see movie lol
<Tina> i was just there for a wedding, beautiful city
<yael> is there some fun things on DH set?
<Kimmi> i hope it comes out here in Australia, sometimes we don't get some movies at the cinema

<Jamie> I'm not really on our set that much
<Jamie> maybe one day a week

<Bebe> REALLY???

<Jamie> sometimes two

<Kathy> i hope there wasn't an accident yet lol
<jannette> howcome?
<caro_from_france> lol
<MC_california> do you play a white hat or a black hat in "wanted"?
<Kimmi> is that because you're shooting scenes in location?
<yael> so the chances to meet you are small

<Jamie> Unfortunately, i've gotta run - only had a half hour between my shift with the kids

<Bebe> thanks, jamie!!!
<Chickydoodles> Bye jamie thanks for being here!
<Kimmi> thanks for that

<Jamie> Just let me know when you'll be there Yael

<DelphieKat> Thanks
<Kimmi> bye Jamie
<JudyG> tag team parenting =)
<jenbean> Thank you for coming
<pretender1121> Thanks for coming Jamie!
<Tina> thank you for being here Jamie
<Jessi> bye Jamie Thanks for chatting

<Jamie> sorry I don't have longer

<yael> than you, you are very nice guy
<caro_from_france> thanks for all jamie
<FrenchGirl> bye Jamie
<Erica and mom> Bye Jamie!!
<Riya> Thanks for coming Jamie.

<Jamie> today just kind of got away from me

<MC_california> Thanks for coming Jamie
<JudyG> thanks!
<maddie> Great chatting with you Jamie - have a great day.
<caro_from_france> we love you !!!!!
<jannette> thanks for being here!
<Biene_from_Germany> bye jamie and thanks!
<jenbean> bye Jaime
<pretender1121> Have a great week, Jamie

<Jamie> my wife has a bunch of things to do and I've got the kids

<Kathy> geez jamie...a big thanks from germany..for doing this :D

<Kimmi> your so sweet for taking any time to chat with us

<Jamie> some of you know how that goes...

<Emilie> just a question are you with the current that french fans do have to create an english french forum and that think about it?
<DelphieKat> Take care
<yael> nice housband
<Chickydoodles> great guy

<Jamie> Let's try to do this again
<Jamie> after the show premieres
<Jamie> I knew I only had a half hour, but didn't want to cancel again...
<Jamie> I'll talk to Lois about doing this when I "wake up"

(Jamie leaves the chat)