Jamie's February 10, 2002 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton enters

luvsktry says, hi jamie; kar328 says, hey Jamie; OLBJAN says, hi Jamie!; pretender1121 says, hi Jamie; thecentresweeper says, hi jamie; Jamies_Lois says, Hey, Jamie; faeryqueen_rs says, Hi Jamie; chaotic_phantasma says, Hey Jamie.; pretenderangel17 says, Hey Jamie!!; brettashley480 says, Hi Jamie; dutchess_of_nyc says, Hey Jamie; larile says, hey Jamie; etoile39fr says, hi Jamie; carkamp says, hey Jamie; skydaybreak says, hi jamie; blackhawkrising says, Hi Jamie; chenpholi says, hi jamie; mc_california says, hi Jamie;  summerrses says, Hello Jamie! Welcome!; meluvxf says, hi jamie; gingerracheal says, hey Jamie; pre_ten_der says, hey Jamie; probst828 says, Hi Jamie; caroline_1us says, We're lively today - look out!!; ThumblessWonder says, Hi jamie; southernbelle_180 says, hi Jamie; ali_al444 says, Hi Jamie; mlyssaparker says, Hi !; miss_parker8 says, hi jamie!; jacobette2002 says, Hi Jamie; joy_webmaster says, Hi Jamie; Calliope_98 says, Yo Jamie; tp_phil says, Hi Jamie; darthjarod says, Hey Jamie

Jamie Denton says, (What have I gotten myself into.....)

pretender1121 says, we're crazy here today Jamie

Jamies_Lois says, Jamie ... a lot of people would appreciate it if you would address "the relationship" right away, so that they don't all have to ask the same question. (Duty done)

caroline_1us says, Loved Meat me in Philly, Jamie. You were awesome

Jamie Denton says, Crazy "today", pretender1121?

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, Caroline.

luvsktry says, You know Jamie; we could have had at least one little kiss in the chambers! No, but really I love the way the direction of both characters are going and your doing a fantastic job.

Jamie Denton says,(Look at Lois, starting in on me already...)

Jamie Denton says, I would have liked a kiss in chambers too ...

tp_phil says, Jamie, what about "this" commercial in which you appeared?

Jamie Denton says, About the commercial ... It's for T. Rowe Price mutual funds.  Someone I was familiar with and was happy to work for.  The commercial is national, and was shot before I was under contract with "Philly".  I hope they don't run it during the show, but they probably will.  At least it won't conflict with the character, really.

probst828 says, What do you think of Kim's new haircut?

Jamie Denton says, I really like the new haircut, probst.  It took some getting used to, but I do like it.

ThumblessWonder says, Does Ripley like it?

Jamie Denton says, Ripley *loves* it!

gingerracheal says, is,nt it against Advertising Ethics to show a commercial with an actor in it between a programme also starring the actor????

Calliope_98 says, Not in America Ginger, but in the UK it is.

Jamie Denton says, I don't think so, gingerracheal.  It's happened to me before.

pre_ten_der says, Jamie, the ring on your right hand, yours or a prop?

Jamie Denton says, The ring is a Harvard Law class ring prop

Jamie Denton says, I'll think of some spoilers before I leave that don't give away too much ...

Jamie Denton says, I was playing a softball game this morning against NYPD Blue ... We were ahead 11-4 when I left to come here (6th inning).  I was the only actor we had playing, but Esai Morales played, and Gordon Clapp (Medavoy).

ThumblessWonder says, Your stats...?

Jamie Denton says, I was 1 for 3 with a couple of runs scored.   Not too exciting.

Jamie Denton says, I'll post the name of the person who's question I'm answering first, how about that?  Then you can scroll up and see the question.

Jamie Denton says, First of all, I'm glad to see everybody here that was having the discussion on the message board this a.m.

pre_ten_der says, Jamie, do you think there is an ethical delima between you and kathleen?

Jamie Denton says, (pre-ten-der's question)  There is a definite ethical dilemma and it is addressed in "Here Comes The Judge" well.  They make some big decisions, and the payoff is pretty nice.  I think you'll be pleased.

probst828says, Do you ever watch Philly when it is aired, like the rest of us?

Jamie Denton says, Yes Probst, I watch it on the air, because it actually looks different than on production copies.

luvsktry says, Do they tell you what your character is going to do/outcome or are you as surprised as we are.

Jamie Denton says, (luvsktry) I don't know where the character is going until I see the next script - Usually in the middle of shooting the prior episodes.  Within 3-5 days of starting the ep.  It's definitely a surprise.

skydaybreak says, how different does it come out?

Jamie Denton says, It looks different in light tones; shadows and richness of color. It usually looks better once broadcast

brettashley480says, How far in advance is the show filmed?

Jamie Denton says, Right now we're shooting ep #17, "No Business Like No Business"

shna55 says, How much say do you have in the script?
luvsktry says, How much say do you have in what your character does and says?

Jamie Denton says, I have no say in what the character says.  I *do* have some say in how he acts and complete say in how he delivers the lines.

larile says, Jamie, there's a small statue on Ripley's desk, what is it?

Jamie Denton says, (larile) There's a statue of an eagle that I believe is an honor of some type from the Chamber of Commerce to Ripley.

caroline_1us says, How was it working with Charles Haid?

Jamie Denton says, (caroline) Charles Haid was fascinating.  He works *very* fast.  Usually one take then "Let's move on!"  Charles is very intense and extremely funny.   As an actor, you better keep up, because he'll just take off without you.

meluvxf says, does that intimidate you?  Or does it help you become an even better actor

Jamie Denton says, (meluvxf) It is different. I would never say "intimidating", but it takes some getting used to.  I don't think it makes one "better", necessarily.

summerrses says, What do you feel is your greatest strength as an actor?

Jamie Denton says, (summerrses) I suppose it's a lack of nervousness.  I just don't get nervous.  It's not a real talent, so I don't feel funny saying it.   I just know actors who always seem nervous on set, and that would be miserable.   So I guess the trick is "relaxation".   You might not always be brilliant, but you'll usually be real. It's probably the best advice I ever heard.  Anthony Hopkins said it is the key to what he does.  Just relax ... then see what happens.  If nothing else, it won't be forced

brandie1996 says, Did Terry get a hint of something going on with Kathleen and Jack when Jack called her back?

Jamie Denton says, (brandie) Terry is catching on ...

Jamie Denton says, (Re: working with Bochco) I instantly saw why Kim has hung around with him. That is one class organization. They have this nice touch of writing letters to guest stars to let them know when their show airs.  Nobody does that.   And if you get cut out, they explain to you why.

summerrses says, that does sound like a class act
Calliope_98 says, HE seems to gather loyalty in his actors because they keep reappearing in any show he does, from his Hill Street Blue days and on.

Jamie Denton says, Murder One had brilliant moments

shna55 says, Hey Jamie, do you think you could ever drag Kim to a chat for us??

Jamie Denton says, I know Kim has to be a little more protective of "appearing" in chats and things.

luvsktrysays, Are you critical of yourself when you see the show - do you think you should have done a scene differently

Jamie Denton says, (luvsktry) Terribly critical.  I'm almost never satisfied.

skydaybreaksays, Jamie do you ever have trouble hiding your accent (for me and brett)?

Jamie Denton says, The accent is a little challenging. I can lose it completely, but it's helped me more than it hurts. For example, when I did "J.A.G.", I was hiding it on set, and the director said to me "You were doing this great sort of southern thing in the audition.  I loved it. Can you try it?"  I said "I'll give it a try ..."

larile says, Jamie, you plan on catching the All-Star B-ball game later?

Jamie Denton says, (larile) I may see some of the game. I'm really fascinated by what Michael Jordan is doing this year.

meluvxf says, jamie do you find your accent getting a bit more southern when your doing an angry scene?

Jamie Denton says, (meluv) Yep, it is definitely harder, the more emotional the scene is

shna55says, so, Jamie, so far Here Comes the Judge sounds like the BIG episode not to miss huh?

Jamie Denton says, (shna) Do NOT miss it!!!!!!!

brettashley480 says, 3/5 seems soo far away

Jamie Denton says, I'm also disappointed about the two weeks off, believe me. It doesn't help to build an audience, but the network is trying to do what's best for the show; they don't want us taking on the Olympics (Even if they *are* delayed, Lois)

lizzz38 says, I gotta go take a kid to choir. See y'all again soon. Nice chatting Jamie (and everybody Else!!!)

Jamie Denton says, Bye lizz

ThumblessWondersays, Jamie, my boyfriend the former golf pro would like to know: since you are from the south do you play golf. If so, what's your handicap?

Jamie Denton says,(ThumblessWonder) I stink at golf.

brettashley480 says, Did you watch the Superbowl Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, I watched the Super Bowl.  What a game.

meluvxf says, Jamie: do you enjoy the sexual tension between the characters of kathleen and Ripley?

Jamie Denton says, It gets better in the next couple of shows as you get to know these people a little better.

castor968 says, Do you think Kathleen expects Ripley to cut her some slack since they are dating?

Jamie Denton says, She naturally expects a little edge, even if she doesn't realize it.   But not from this guy ...

Jamie Denton says, I thought it was becoming important to show a little vulnerability in Ripley. The guy is *very* serious. That's how he got there at his age. But that's only so interesting.

brandie1996says, Jamie -- when Kathleen brought up that argument about the cops leaving Malik in the waiting room on purpose - do you think she was pressing her luck because of their relationship and that's what Ripley's "Don't, Ms. Maguire" came from?

Jamie Denton says, Absolutely, Dina

joy_webmaster says, Is it ethical for a judge to have a lawyer in his courtroom who he's dating? Couldn't that jeopardize the judge's job? How serious is Rippley about his career?

Jamie Denton says, (joy_webmaster) Great question. Ripley has to address it in the next couple of eps.  It is resolved pretty well, I think.   Even though he knows it doesn't affect his impartiality, he has to consider how it *looks*

shna55 says, does will ever argue in front of you?

Jamie Denton says, (shna) I finally have Will vs Terry in "No Business"

shna55 says, we can't deny the chemistry, so we can look past the ethical portion for now

Jamie Denton says, It ethics) comes up in "Lies" and is handled in "Here Comes ..."

luvsktrysays, How does it feel Jamie to be a *very* important part of the show - and what most people are talking about?

Jamie Denton says, (luvsktry) I don't know what people are talking about (thanks, though) but it's nice to be a vital plot point for a change.  

meluvxfsays, Jamie: just want you to know that you've pulled me in as a fan from this show, me and a friend of mine were a bit upset with lack of kyle's time, but u've made up for it ten four

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, meluvxf.  Kyle is about to get more time  We're lucky to have a bunch of good actors. That's pretty rare.

summerrses says, I've got to go. Thanks so much for sharing time with us, Jamie.

Jamie Denton says, See ya summer

ali_al444 says, does every one get along?

Jamie Denton says, We all get along great. It's unbelievably fun.  I threw a gavel at Rick a couple of weeks ago.   Hard, too.

Jamie Denton says, When he was cross-examing the teenage girl.   He went too far ... It's only the second time I've banged the gavel on the show... Guesses when the other gavel bang was?

IWriteForYou says, Meet Me In Philly?

Jamie Denton says, They inserted a sound of a gavel in "MMIP", but I didn't do it.

Jamie Denton says, I had to bang it when the detective snapped and jumped up and started screaming.

probst828says, How did Ripley become a judge at such a young age - family money, politics?

Jamie Denton says, (probst) Our court expert says that guys that set out on that track (judgeship) from the start usually get there at about my age through appointment.

Jamie Denton says, What do think is going to happen in part two of the Malik Clay case?

luvsktry says, You better give him a new trial; meluvxf says, I think malik is gonna get killed; Calliope_98 says, I think he will be exonerated.; pretender1121 says, new trial and hes set free; castor968 says, Things are going to get crazy; mc_california says, well, there is the whole plot line with the ADA; shna55 says, Who knows, I bet Malike gives up on appeals for good; castor968 says, Secrets and lies; ali_al444 says, I am afraid Malik will do something drastic before the end; brandie1996 says, Poor Malik is going to get his hopes up again…; Calliope_98 says, Bochco always has a trick ending.; kar328 says, they find out he's really guilty?; pretender1121 says, I hope he doesn't jump out the window like that pother client; Calliope_98 says, So he may either get killed. Or like Karen said.; ThumblessWonder says, I think the alibi chickens out and disappears.; meluvxf says, perhaps by the angry one who says he raped her; chenpholi says, sumthing is going to go wrong because of the jack/katie relationship i think

Jamie Denton says, It's a pretty good ending.

probst828says, Do Ripley and Kathleen have any scenes at her apt?

Jamie Denton says, Can't answer that, Probst ... Stay tuned!

ali_al444says, who catches them kissing, did we address that one??

Jamie Denton says, Who would you like to catch them?

pretender1121 says, not Dan; shna55 says, MINELLI; meluvxf says, hmm daniel; thecentresweeper says, Dan

Jamie Denton says, I wanted Terry to catch them.

brandie1996 says, Her mother, who stabs him with her knitting needle.

Jamie Denton says, LOL Dina

castor968says, I've got to run everyone. Thanks for being here Jamie! Take care everyone!

Jamie Denton says, See ya Castor

OLBJANsays, Off Topic question: How's your gas grill doing? Used it on SuperBowl Sunday?

Jamie Denton says, Use it a lot, Jan.  I was out of town for the SB though.

luvsktrysays, Do you have to work everyday now that you are in the show a lot?

Jamie Denton says, I work about 2-3 days a week right now and they're typically 12-15 hours. The courtroom days are *long*

meluvxfsays, Mr Denton: is it hard to hide tattoos when on film?

Jamie Denton says, I don't hide my tattoo on "Philly" ...

gingerrachealsays, is your tattoo coloured or just black outline?

Jamie Denton says, It's just black

Jamie Denton says, Any big questions I've missed? (I've gotta go soon)

brandie1996 says, What does Ripley wear under his robe? Sorry, it was a dare.

Jamie Denton says, Jeans

luvsktry says, Thank you again for sharing so much of your time with us Jamie - It made an awful week the best!!!!

Jamie Denton says, Hope next week's better, luvsktry.

Calliope_98 says, Jamie who haven't you worked with that you would like to? Actor, writer or director?

Jamie Denton says, Wow Dawn. That's tough. I don't have a good answer.

Calliope_98 says, Ok, well that's ok Jamie, I don't want to hold you up. Maybe save it for next time.

shna55 says, When can we do this again?

Jamie Denton says, We better do it after "Here Comes The Judge." I *know* there will be questions ...

Jamie Denton says, You'll get "Minelli" on 2/26 then "Judge" on 3/5, so I guess that makes it 3/10

meluvxf says, wish me luck on getting a job as a 911 operator (needs this job and is very superstious)

Jamie Denton says, Good luck, meluvxf.

pretender1121 says, wish me luck on my Criminology test tomorrow Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, I'll send you some of that good chat room Karma, meluvxf. You, too, 1121.

Jamie Denton says, See you guys in a few weeks.   Thanks for coming.

Jamie_Denton leaves