Jamie's March 7, 2002 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

YAHOO made things more than a little difficult for us this time, putting people who arrived to chat with Jamie in five separate rooms.  As a result, the chat started about half an hour late and Jamie ended up a little pressed for time.

Jamie Denton enters

mally_oops2000 says, Jamie, I cheered at the part where dozens of your female fans MELTED -

Jamie Denton says, Thanks for the cheers, Jeremy

castor968 says, Excited about basketball season, Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, March Madness, baby

luvsktry says, Are you watching basketball Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, Not until next week

pretenderangel17 says, March Madness!!! Who are you rooting for Jamie!

Jamie Denton says, I hate to go out on a limb, but the USC Trojans looked great tonight stomping Stanford.    I like Paul Westphal, so rooting for Pepperdine is easy

brandie1996 says, Jamie, do you think Jack is favoring Kathleen in his rulings? He seemed easier on her than usual and Terry seemed to notice even though he said differently.

Jamie Denton says, I don't think he's favoring her, but I've noticed that he's definitely treating her a little differently, in his tone.

caroline_1us says, Jamie, give your personal trainer a BIG bonus.

Jamie Denton says,Thanks Caroline - I wish I had had a little more notice that the clothes were coming off

tburketina says, jamie, did you start working out when you realized you were going to be on a bochco show?

Jamie Denton says, I didn't and I wish I had.   I was able to lose a few pounds after I read the episode, but it was too late to do much

luvsktry says, OK Jamie, How many takes did it *really* take you to undo her bra

Jamie Denton says, The bra was only one shot, I remember.   It's a fancy lens set up and they only wanted to do it once.   Believe it or not, I didn't even think about it.   I was helping Kim cover herself with my right hand and only had one free.

mc_california says, I loved the way you delivered the line "what do you want to happen" Perfect!

Jamie Denton says, Thanks MC-- again, no real thought about it.   That's how it came out.

pretender1121 says, so Jamie... how *closed* is a "closed set"??

Jamie Denton says, Bochco's sets are always "closed"  It just means no unapproved visitors and approved ones only on special occasions.   For example, I had a friend at the set that morning to watch the scene with Kyle, but they had to leave before the Apt scene.  When they emphasize "closed" it means minimal crew and NO visitors.

caroline_1us says, Jamie, nice "checkmate" with Dan.;   castor968 says, Can we expect more gentlemanly warfare between Dan and Ripley?;   ali_al444 says, what was that about, a little toooo civil I thought

Jamie Denton says, I was a little surprised at the civility, but these guys would probably handle it that way

luvsktry says, Now that you two are *dating* It's a shame we won't get to see the two of you during court - they were great scenes!!

Jamie Denton says, Yeah, unfortunately, for now anyway, the days of making eyes at Kathleen in the courtroom are over.

brandie1996 says, Jamie, do you think Terry would have brought up the "you should recuse yourself" stuff if Ripley hadn't ruled with the defense on the computer files?

Jamie Denton says, Great Question Dina.  The end of that scene was cut. After "Let's get to it"... (in chambers with T & K) He stood up and said, "And Mr. Loomis - I noticed you waited until after I'd ruled on your motion to raise this issue.  Next time you come in here questioning my integrity, you better bring some of your own."  The scene where Dan told him to wait was also cut.  Dan's reaction when Terry told him about K & R was, "RIPLEY? He's not even her type."  The scenes weren't necessary, just fun for the regularly viewing fans (and actors)

liz_putney says, so what are the chances that the show will get picked up for another season?

Jamie Denton says, I've been through this with 4 or 5 shows in that many pilot seasons, and I'd say our chances are about 60-40

liz_putney says, so...heavy chemistry between you and kim, huh? did that come naturally?

Jamie Denton says, The chemistry thing is tricky.   I chose not to get too close to Kim for a long time.   We didn't know anything about each other for about 4-5 episodes - Definitely not until after Ripley BION.   I just thought our reactions to each other in the garage would be better if we didn't know each other, so I sort of avoided her for the first couple of months.  It was an experiment for me and I know it worked better for my character.  Why get all chummy just to pretend you've just met?

wajag59 says, Did they cut anything (well much) out of the scene with you and Dan?

Jamie Denton says, Nothing was cut from the Dan/Ripley scene.   I thought the choice of takes a bit interesting.  There was a bit more chest-puffing in the room than was seen in the ep.   I think they chose the right feel, though.

mc_california says, Jamie, So we all know that you have eyes and ears on this board and we (or at least I) was watching my drooling this week, but do you ever know what's happening on other, say Philly sites?   Can we drool there without embarrassing ourselves?

Jamie Denton says, I snooped around a little when I first joined the show just out of curiosity (If any actor says they don't I wouldn't believe it -- Diana Maria Riva had seen the boards and Lois' site before we ever met).   I laughed a little, responded to a few people and then stopped looking.   It just felt a little voyeuristic.  I think you guys should be able to be honest without thinking about actors reading the stuff.  I haven't seen anything posted in a long time.  Since the very beginning.

mc_california says, but we're glad you're being so generous with your time and chatting with us, THANKS;  mally_oops2000 says, if you're talking about alt.tv.pretender, I think we were all hoping that someone from the show WAS reading!;  caroline_1us says, To be honest, Jamie, most of us do hope the actors read it. It's nice to feel somewhat connected when you're passionate about something.;  wajag59 says, I hope the network and program mgrs are lurking! We love you on the show!

Jamie Denton says, Well, you guys are so supportive, I hope I can answer some questions that you have. 

akadaynabayna says, When you receive the next script for Philly, do you just concentrate on your storyline or do you read the entire script and keep up with some of the other non-Jack stories?

Jamie Denton says, I always read the whole thing through a few times before paying much attention to my stuff.

liz_putney says, do you ever visit the set when you're not actually in the scene?

Jamie Denton says, I have to go in Monday to do a segment for "Extra" even though I'm not working.  They are interviewing some of the cast about how the show has "changed"

pretender1121says, i thought extra was the 12th?

Jamie Denton says, Extra is on the 12th with clips from that night's show, "No Business"

Jamie Denton says, Okay -- what have I missed?  Question-wise?

southernbsn says, Jamie, how difficult was it for you to say you went to Vandy?

Jamie Denton says, My mom and a lot of her family went to Vandy and I'm a big Vandy fan so I got a big kick out of it.

liz_putney says, was ripley intended from the start to be a romantic interest?

Jamie Denton says, The producers intended for Ripley to be the romantic interest, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.   Chemistry is pretty unpredictable.   Seems to be working well though.

brandie1996 says, Jamie - who's the writer for the #19 ?

Jamie Denton says, Steven and Tom Szentgyorgi wrote 19

shna55 says, is there interaction between k and j next week?;  probst828 says, So it's the first time they see each other after the apt?;  shna55 says, is this their first meeting after the APT?

Jamie Denton says, There is always time in between that we don't get to see

Jamie Denton says, Did I miss a question Caroline_1?

caroline_1us says, Yeah, about a missed scene? How did K & R go from weekend plans to calling a "halt"? When Ripley said they "might as well" do it, it seemed anticlimactic, pardon the pun.

Jamie Denton says, I'm not sure what happened to the "weekend"...

Jamie Denton says, I have to go -- Thanks for watching everybody.

IWriteForYou says, Thanks Jamie, for being so patient while we all ended up in one place

Jamie Denton says, Well, it certainly tested your patience too

caroline_1us says, When can we do this again?

Jamie Denton says, I think Lois and I will discuss our options and she'll let you know

pretender1121 says, Jamie, you're so wonderful...you spoil us here you know that right?

Jamie Denton says, Well, I figure if you guys support the show like you do, it's a pretty easy part of the job ... and you guys are fun

Jamie Denton says, See ya

Jamie Denton leaves