Jamie's August 29, 2004 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Now that chats are being conducted entirely through YAHOO! I'm not saving actual transcripts anymore.  At first I thought that was terrible, but soon realized that once everyone understood that every word they uttered wasn't going to be immortalized forever, things were a lot more relaxed, all the way around.  For those people who couldn't attend, however, I did keep track of as many of the questions and answers as I could, although some of them are slightly paraphrased because I had to leave the chat to boot someone who was being obnoxious and missed some parts. 

Question:  Jamie, are Desperate Housewives exteriors shot on a soundstage, or on a backlot?

JAMIE DENTON: The exteriors are on the "Colonial Street" set at Universal.  That has become "Wisteria Lane," where the show is set.

Question:  He's single though (Mike Delfino, Jamie's character on Desperate Housewives).  Was he lying about being widowed?

JAMIE DENTON:  Mike's definitely single.  Mike is widowed.

Question:  Do you think that Alias will take back its time slot in January?

JAMIE DENTON:  I'd be completely shocked if we don't shoot a full season.  But I was completely shocked that "Philly" didn't return, so ...

Question:  The critics all seem to love Desperate Housewives, which can't be a bad thing ... at least they are talking it up.

JAMIE DENTON:  We just have to make sure that people watch it, it's that simple really.  It's gotten a great reception outside the country, and that's very important.

Question:  Have you ever thought of writing or directing an episode of your own?

JAMIE DENTON:  I'd like to direct, but so would most actors.  I don't have enough money to produce anything ...

Question:  Jamie, do you have a general idea about the schedule for (ABC's Primetime Weekend at the) Disney California Adventure?

JAMIE DENTON:  I'm "required" to be at DCA on Saturday (September 11), if that helps.  I'm glad you guys came last year.  Thanks for trying to do it again.

Question:   Final question from me before I have to leave unfortunately.  Would you act Mr. Lyle in a 3rd tP movie, if there'll be one?  You know we fight for a 3rd movie?

JAMIE DENTON:  Andrea Parker and I have both strongly voiced our opinion that we would sign up for a Pretender movie.

Question:   If you were ever in a James Bond film, would you be the good guy or the bad guy?

JAMIE DENTON:  I don't have the accent to be "Bond" so I'd settle for the bad guy.

Question:   Do you have a favorite movie?

JAMIE DENTON:  I'm very partial to Billy Bob Thornton's "Slingblade".  It's brilliant.

Question:  Jamie, how did you end up on TV Talk on the TV Guide channel?

JAMIE DENTON:  My publicist arranged TV Talk.  It was a lot of fun, but not very high profile.

Question:  Jamie, what is your favorite color?

JAMIE DENTON:  Interesting question.  Gray.

Question:   Jamie, what artists are you listening to lately?

JAMIE DENTON:  I've been listening to this guy that I saw open for John Mayer, called Teitur (one name).  I really like him and Maroon 5.

Question:   Jamie, is the address to write you and/or the producers (of Desperate Housewives) the same this year as last?  On Buena Vista?

JAMIE DENTON:  We're at the Univeral lot now.  I'll have to get that address to Lois.  ABC is always a safe bet though.

Question:  Do you ever film off the set?

JAMIE DENTON:  We've only had two or three location days, since Universal has all those street sets.

Question:  Have you been to any baseball games this summer?

JAMIE DENTON:  I've been to at least 30 Dodger games and a dozen or so Angel games.  Saw the Brewers in Minnesota, the White Sox in Oakland, etc.

Question:  Who's your favorite team?  The Dodgers?

JAMIE DENTON:  I just love baseball.  If it's one team, it's the White Sox.  Or the Dodgers ...  We're (Desperate Housewives cast) putting together a softball team to play other shows.  There are "show business" leagues for the casts and crews of productions.  "The Pretender" had a decent team - both Jonny (Jon Gries) and I played on it.

Question:   So what was your win/loss record, or did you just have a good time?

JAMIE DENTON:  We didn't get to play in as many games as we'd have liked, but we were okay.

Question:  Jamie, if you could have the role of anybody else on the show (Desperate Housewives), whose would you take? (man or woman)

JAMIE DENTON:  I'd like to have the role of "Zach", the son of Debra Strong (killed herself in the pilot) and Mark Moses.  Creepy kid.

Question:  Mark Moses?  Need a memory refresher.

JAMIE DENTON:  He's digging up his pool ... for a VERY creepy reason.

Question:   Channeling Lyle again?

JAMIE DENTON:  No shovels or sheds for Mike.  They are in the show, however.

Question:   Jamie, how fast does the "secret" story line progress?  Do we get some info every episode?

JAMIE DENTON:  They've been very good about parceling out the tidbits. We really get into my secrets in the fourth episode.

Question:   Mike seems like one of the most intriguing characters on the show.

JAMIE DENTON:  Everybody's got a secret.  Sort of like real life.

Question:  Is something buried in the pool?

JAMIE DENTON:  Yes, something very scary is buried under the pool.

Question:  Is doing publicity stuff fun?

JAMIE DENTON:  It can be fun.  I did all the interviews with Teri and we had a great time.

To more than one question about whether or not Desperate Housewives will air overseas ...

JAMIE DENTON:  I'm under the impression that DH will be shown all over Europe.  In fact, I know it begins in Germany the quickest ... about three weeks after it starts here.

JAMIE DENTON:  France has already purchased Desperate Housewives.

To more than one question relating to  playing a "good guy" or a "bad guy" ...

JAMIE DENTON:  I got a little tired of playing bad guys.  "Philly" taught me that good guys can be more fun than I thought.

JAMIE DENTON:  I think the "good or bad" preference is dangerous as an actor. I try not to be biased about a character at all, and just try to make the most of what they hire me to do. Bad guys are easier.

Question:  Do you have any upcoming projects - plays, movies?

JAMIE DENTON:  I'm shooting a short for the Twentieth Century Fox Lab called "Assumption" in October, but that's about all I have time for.

Question:  Do you know why the premiere of Desperate Housewives was pushed back a week ...

JAMIE DENTON:  Another network was doing some counter programming and ABC moved the premiere of Desperate Housewives to protect us from that.

Jamie's been chatting at JPAC for more than five years and knows many of the "regular" chatters there pretty well.  Because of that, there are a lot of "chat moments" that you really just have to be there to understand!  Some of them have been included as our own form of "outtakes."  Enjoy!  -- Lois

JAMIE DENTON:  That was some horrible macaroni.

JAMIE DENTON:  Can't comment on the kissing ... never have, never will.  I did demand a number of retakes, though!

JAMIE DENTON:  Hey - I heard someone in here really wants me to shave... 

JAMIE DENTON:   Let me go on record as saying, "I LOVE CHICKENS!!"

JAMIE DENTON:  Don't worry, you'll never get it out of me.  But you start getting hints early on.