Jamie's January 22, 2001 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton says, Well, well, well
Jamie Denton says, This is about the biggest group I've seen here

Jamie Denton says, Wish I could greet you all individually, but then we'd never get a question answered.

TravelGal99 says, GREAT Lyle episode!

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, Marge

kristyllama says, I just wanted to say that snatching Raines' thumb was totally gross and just what I wanted to see! I'm so glad to see Mr. Lyle again!

Jamie Denton says, that's nice of you to say...you must be scared of me...

kirsten3_2001 says, I had Chinese take out for dinner tonight, Jamie, in your honor 

Jamie Denton says, a little "dim sum and then some"... 

Janet_born74 says, Jamie ... do you speak german?

Jamie Denton says, can't speak any German - understand a little French - that's about it

larile says, Hey Jamie did you ever get to drive the nice looking car that was in the gargage

Jamie Denton says,  Never got to drive the car...

nadraider2000 says, Jamie, do you know if the movie had a great succes tonignt?

Jamie Denton says,  Won't know about the ratings until tomorrow around noon

jasleigh says, are you in the next movie much?

Jamie Denton says,  I have a lot more to do in the next movie

kar328 says, Jamie, Sarah was by earlier, couldn't stay and said to wish you a Happy Belated Birthday

Jamie Denton says,  Thank Sarah for me

Jamie Denton says,  OK  where do I start... 

Jamie Denton says, YES  Miss P and Lyle are definitely brothers

(Lois' Note:  There were so many questions posed all at once that it's impossible to see which one Jamie was joking about above - sorry! )

IWriteForYou says, Who were those guys in the beginning?

Jamie Denton says,  The guys in the beginning .. good question
Jamie Denton says,  I think they were programmers from NBC just figuring the show out

tallguy24_7 says, what are your thoughts on NBC?

Jamie Denton says, The jury will stay out on the NBC decision until the numbers come in on the XFL

thundereagles says, did you  get to view the movie as a cast earlier?

Jamie Denton says,  No thundeagles, we didn't see it until tonight

Lyles_girl says, do you know when the next movie will be coming out?

Jamie Denton says,  The next movie is April 9, I believe

nadraider2000 says, JAMIE, can we hope a big confrontation between Jarod and Lyle in the next movie?

Jamie Denton says,  There is some great Lyle/Jarod stuff in movie #2

jarodbaby00 says, Jamie, What did Raines mean at the end?

Jamie Denton says,  What Raines meant was there is some weird connection between he, Catherine P and Jarod's mom

jarodbaby00 says, what happens to the clone and ZOE

Jamie Denton says,  No plans for the clone or Zoe

tallguy24_7 says, how many weeks did movie#1 take?

Jamie Denton says,  Movie #1 took 18 working days

xedgex0927 says, Does Mr. Lyle get to keep his thumb in the second movie or does he lose it again?

Jamie Denton says,  There is a thumb scene in movie #2

Chickydoodles says, Was it hard to keep from laughing during the Thumb Fighting scene with Raines?

Jamie Denton says,  It's always hard not to laugh with Richard Marcus

mogulmouse says, what are you going to do when the actors and writers strike?

Jamie Denton says,  The actors strike will not be a big deal

nadraider2000 says, JAMIE, do you know if Mr Raines can be the father of Lyle?  you know with the Center...

Jamie Denton says,  YES Raines might be Lyle's father...

rumor_lx says, Tell us more about movie #2, please!

Jamie Denton says,  Harve is in movie #2

B_twin_2 says, Jamie, couldn't the Centre with all it's technology etc sew another thumb onto Lyle's hand?

Jamie Denton says,  The Centre seems to have a bigger thumb budget than FOX

tallguy24_7 says, Will we see any of Major Charles too in the next movie?

Jamie Denton says,  No Major Charles in movie #2

ThereIsNoMoreTimmy says, Angelo?

Jamie Denton says,  Angelo *is* in it

Chickydoodles says, Mr. Lyle is starting to grow on me.

Jamie Denton says,  Thanks Linda

nadraider2000 says, JAMIE, do you know if we will have the chance to see a 3rd and a 4th movie later?

Jamie Denton says,  The ratings tonight will determine the fate of #'s 3 and 4

centregal007 says, what ever happened to baby Parker?
Jamie Denton says,  Baby Parker is discussed in #2

rumor_lx says, Do you have and projects in hold, Jamie?

Jamie Denton says,  I have an independent short at Sundance now and am directing an independent film this summer

Riyadha says, I volunteer to be an extra

Jamie Denton says,  I'll make a call Kristen

nadraider2000 says, JAMIE, Will  you be in Monaco for TV festival this year?

Jamie Denton says,  There is talk of going to Monaco, but no details

IWriteForYou says, So when did Lyle become a jogger?

Jamie Denton says,  I think the gained weight from the added thumb prompted Lyle to jog Jamie Denton says,  Can finally hitchhike again

jarodbaby00 says, who is running the centre' now?

Jamie Denton says,  Raines is back in control

ThumblessWonder says, This may be a silly question...but, are you happy with the movie?

mc_california says, Yes Jamie, how did you like how the moive tunred out? Jamie Denton says,  I am pretty satisfied

jarodbaby00 says, DOES ALEX SURVIVE THE FALLe

Jamie Denton says,  Don't expect to see Alex again

tp_phil says, who will be guest star in second movie ?

Jamie Denton says,  No guest stars in #2--lots of good centre stuff
Jamie Denton says,  Oh--there is one great guest star playing "Adama" from the Centre tp_phil says, and who is adama ? lol
Jamie Denton says,  Adama is from the triumvirate in Africa

ThumblessWonder says, Who plays Adama?  Can you say?

Jamie Denton says,  A Canadian actor whose first name is Conrad

thundereagles says, were there new writers for the movie, the comedy was stepped up a notch?

Jamie Denton says,  Same writers--C&S
(Lois' Note:  C&S = Craig Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell, the creators and executive producers of the show)

tallguy24_7 says, Any more Sam the sweeper?  or Willy?

Jamie Denton says,  No Sam or Willie

mogulmouse says, Jamie if some one would organize a fan based convention would you attend?

Jamie Denton says,  I try to make all the conventions I can

martian_ducky says, is there anyone who isn't related on the show?

Jamie Denton says,  We're all one big happy family

bigsisml says, I dont know if this question has been asked yet or not , but I was wondering ... "Do you like playing a bad guy? or do you like  good guy roles better?

Jamie Denton says,  Love playing bad guys--get to do things you can't in real life

tallguy24_7 says, So no Mr White? or Mr. Cox either?

Jamie Denton says,  No White or Cox

thundereagles says, gotta go, thanks for a great first time!

Jamie Denton says,  See ya te

tp_phil says, The second movie is the sequel of movie one or the prequel of the serie ?

Jamie Denton says,  #2 picks up where this one ended

B_twin_2 says, Jamie, how did you enjoy the cold up in Toronto?

Jamie Denton says,  Love Toronto

pre_ten_der says, You stroll down Yorkville?

Jamie Denton says,  Spent some time on Yorkville, yes

jarodbaby00 says, What happened to ZOE and The CLONE and Major Charles?

Jamie Denton says,  Not enough time for Zoe and the clone

rhonda0108 says, Are we going to hear anymore about Ben Miller?

Jamie Denton says, No Ben Miller

Katie_of_the_North says, From what I have seen of your acting I think you are really amazing, so do you happen to having any tips for someone aspiring to become an actor?

Jamie Denton says,  Thanks Katie--you just have to mean what you say.  Find a way to make it real

tallguy24_7 says, Jamie.....any hints on Jarods next pretend in movie #2??

Jamie Denton says,  Most of #2 is revelation about the Parker family and Centre history

ThereIsNoMoreTimmy says, Can you give any hints to what happened to Ethan at the end?

Jamie Denton says,  The Ethan character is sort of on hold
Jamie Denton says,  He may already be in the #3 script--no way to know

Jamie Denton says,  Well I gotta go for tonight--have a script to read for tomorrow.  I'll try to be here for the Sunday chat to answer more questions.