Jamie's January 27, 2002 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton enters

Jamie Denton says, Well, well, well ... pretty nice crowd

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, I'm a new fan of yours, Jamie. Love your work on Philly!

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, sunny_sky

summerrses says, gee, so Jamie is all ours?

Jamie Denton says, All yours so to speak

cassandra_blanesays, Jamie, u have an open invite for Third Watch if Philly fails.

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Cassandra Wish you were a producer

Jamie Denton says, Okay guys--first off, please ignore all my typos. I've gotta go fast to get to as many questions as I can

Jamie Denton says, I'll just answer 'em as I see 'em (much like Ripley) and please don't be offended if I miss your question

sunny_sky2000_2000says, Jamie, what's your status on the show? Are you on for the remainder of the season?

Jamie Denton says, Okay -- Yes, the role is now "permanent". I'm technically a series regular.

sapphire_petal says, any word on the show's fate yet?

Jamie Denton says, There isn't any word on the fate of the show and probably won't be until April or the May announcements.

gator_xx says, Jamie, will the relationship be considered a conflict of interest between the two characters?

Jamie Denton says, Yes gator_xx (welcome to our little party), there are definite conflict of interest issues

sunny_sky2000_2000says, Jamie, are those issues addressed soon?

Jamie Denton says, They will be dealt with in the next few episodes

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, What about Dan (Kyle Secor). How does he react?

Jamie Denton says, There are great scenes between Ripley and Dan and Ripley and Terry.

shna55 says, Jamie, you are killing us here!!! Give your loyal fans some juicy details about THE CHAMBERS!!!

Jamie Denton says, Don't count too heavily on the big "chambers" scene ... I have heard that it may not make the air.

Jamie Denton says, It looks like things might get heated enough without it.

LadyGodiva70 says, I just want to say...for anyone who has ever felt butterflies, thank you for the intense acting that allowed us to all live vicariously at least during the "parking garage scene."

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Lady Godiva 

Jamie Denton says, That scene was *very* tricky because it tells you so much about both characters and we needed to get it right

gator_xx says, sorry folks, that garage scene made my skin crawl, particularly when Ripley held back Kathleen's keys

Jamie Denton says, I'm surprised anyone got *that* from the scene.

Jamie Denton says, Ripley didn't hold back the keys -- just the opposite. We thought that was pretty obvious.   He held them out in his open palm to give her control.

gator_xx says, sorry Jamie, the social worker in me always sees the dangerous, the rapiest and the creep

Jamie Denton says, Understood, gator_xx.

Jamie Denton says, A little discomfort is never a bad thing at this stage of their relationship. There's no reason to let you know too much about this guy

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, That's pretty vague. Heat as in argumentative or passionate?

Jamie_Denton says, There is an upcoming scene that should satisfy all those questions about things heating up.

brandie1996 says, Jamie, does Ripley really dislike Terry Loomis or just not quite respect the way he tries cases?

Jamie Denton says,  Ripley has a lot of respect for Loomis -- There was a line cut because of time from "Ripley, BION" where Ripley comments on how thorough Loomis is.

brandie1996 says, Thanks, Jamie -- that sounds like an important line

Jamie Denton says, In the courtroom in the last ep, I think you could see that even though Ripley called Loomis off of the teenage girl on the stand, he knew where Terry was going, and had to give him some latitude.

gator_xx says, Will Robert Harper ever return?

Jamie Denton says, Robert Harper has great stuff in "Lies of Minnelli"

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, Jamie, does "Here Comes the Judge" refer to your character, Ripley?

Jamie Denton says, Yes, Here Comes the Judge refers to Ripley, I assume.

cassandra_blane says, what else can or do you want to tell us Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, I can't tell you too much for obvious reasons, but if I know there are things coming in the story line that you want, I think you should be able to look forward to them.

summerrses says, I like the subtle looks and comments ..like "You look beautiful" when she was fixing her hair. Jamie you have great "looks"!

Jamie Denton says, Thanks a lot, summerrses.

pretenderprofilergirl says, I really hope there are more Pretender movies. 

Jamie_Denton says, I'm not optimistic about more Pretender movies, but I've been wrong before with these crazy networks.

Riyadha says, Does Ripley ever become less... er... intense?

Jamie Denton says, What fun would that be, Kristen?

MaryJLWD says, Chickydoodles, I think I read somewhere that Jamie's grandfather was a lawyer!

Jamie Denton says, Yep, my grandfather was a lawyer.   He was actually a District Attorney.

caroline_1us says, Jamie - do they film Philly in LA or actually in Philly? The shots of the city are gorgeous.

Jamie Denton says, "Philly" is shot in Culver City, CA.   They make a couple of trips up to do exteriors

mc_california says, Jamie, are Kathleen and Ripley tying to keep their relationship secret at all?

Jamie Denton says, The producers believed (as do I) that nobody wanted to see either character do anything unethical -  So the nature of their relationship will be addressed in "Meat me" and Lies"

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, What episode is being filmed right now?

Jamie Denton says, We're shooting "Here Comes The Judge, currently

gator_xx says, Will Dan ever get more than 30 seconds on the show?

Jamie Denton says, Dan gets more visible...They're not gonna waste that guy too much. Too good an actor.   There's a great scene with Dan and Jack in chambers (In "Here Comes The Judge").

sapphire_petal says, does ripley have kids?

Jamie Denton says, No kids for jack

Jamie Denton says, (now)

pretenderprofilergirl says, Pretender is wonderful! And you are wonderful in it. Superb acting.

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, pretenderprofilergirl.

Jamie Denton says, A big "thank you" to all of you guys who have supported the Pretender in Europe.

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, Jamie-Do you think the relationship between Ripley and Kathleen will last? Or is it just physical?

Jamie Denton says, The Kathleen/Ripley relationship will be around at least a while longer.

Calliope_98 says, I love Rick Hoffman, what is he like in person?

Jamie Denton says, Rick Hoffman is a fantastic actor.  Rick is a great guy. He and I hit it off immediately.

Jamie Denton says, Kyle Secor is also one of the coolest TV actors I've been around.

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, Who's your favourite character on Philly, Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, Kim Delaney's my favorite actor, sunny ... Kim's amazing.  She makes it all so easy.

lyle_parker says, Mr. Denton, how was it for you to play in "Ally McBeal" ?

Jamie Denton says, Ally McBeal was a lot of fun. Some of it got cut out, but I liked the guy I played and the highlight was working with James LeGros - a great actor.

TravelGal99 says, Jamie, did you get to actually DO your scenes with Ossie Davis?

Jamie Denton says, Yeah, I had a blast with Ossie Davis. A really sweet guy.

Jamie Denton says, I can tell you a little about the schedule -  We have "Meat Me In Philly" on February 5, then 2 weeks off due to the Olympics.    Then new shows February 26, March 5, March 12 and March 19 - Then another 3-4 week break.  Then new shows on April 30, May 7, May 14 and May 21.

luvsktry says, I've heard that they film shows out of sequence, isn't hard to remember your lines

Jamie Denton says, The out of sequence nature does require some homework and preparation.

lyle_parker says, Mr. Denton, I've got a question about "That Old Feeling": What do you think about the end, ... that Keith is the only one who's alone

Jamie Denton says, He sort of made his bed, lyle_parker.

brettashley480 says, Jamie which do you like better playing a "good" guy or a "bad" guy…; luvsktry says, Your looks as the Judge - say so much - Great Job

Jamie Denton says, I typically prefer a more interesting character than the "good" guy, but Ripley is the most fun I've had.

gator_xx says, did you do any research to play Ripley?

Jamie Denton says, Very little, gator_xx. I talk a lot to the court expert on the set, Joe McGettigan.  I wanted to be a educated as possible within the time constraints. I got hired as Ripley and was at work in about three days.

Jamie Denton says, It's very convenient having a lawyer/courtroom expert on the set.

lyle_parker says, Mr. Denton, we've seen you in "Two guys, a gril and a pizza place" (hope that's the right title). Lot of fun to see you hanging down of the fire ladder.... lol

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, Lyle_parker. Sit-coms are a lot of fun. Much like theater.

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, Jamie- Do your storylines all deal with your relationship with Kathleen, or is there something else?

Jamie Denton says, So far it's all Kathleen (which is fine with me)

gator_xx says, Have you done much in the way of Indie Films?

Jamie Denton says, I've done a couple of Indies. I'm directing one that's in the works for next year.

mc_california says, I hope you're not only planning to direct it, right?

Jamie Denton says, I'm not sure if I'll be in it or not.   I don't know if that's the most effective way to direct.

castor968 says, In Walked Monk?

Jamie Denton says, The movie is a new untitled Mike Petty screenplay.

Calliope_98 says, Jamie when you said Minister of Music...does that mean you are ordained a Minister or that is a title used for the assistant of a congregation's Minister?

Jamie Denton says, I was never ordained as a minister, Dawn.

sunny_sky2000_2000says, Jamie, what are some of your fave TV shows?

Jamie Denton says, I usually watch whatever shows my friends are on.

cassandra_blane says, What friends are those?

Jamie Denton says, Peter Krause in "Six Feet Under"

Jamie Denton says, Marin Hinkle in "Once and Again"

brettashley480 says, Jamie is there any actor that you would like to meet or that really inspires you?

Jamie Denton says, I've been lucky enough to meet most everyone I wanted to.  That's been a real perk.

shna55 says, Jamie, what's your favorite Philly episode so far?

Jamie Denton says, I think my favorite will easily be "Here Comes The Judge"

luvsktry says, This is my first time here and I really want to thank you for sharing your time with us.

Jamie Denton says, You're more than welcome, luvsktry. Thank you for watching.

sunny_sky2000_2000 says, How much time does it take you to film just one episode?

Jamie Denton says, We shoot an ep in 8 days. I usually work 2-4

lyle_parker says, If you'll have the chance to play with Pamela Gidley again, would you do it ?

Jamie Denton says, Of course I'd work with Pamela -- she's fantastic. Pamela Gidley is a scream. We had a lot of fun.

gingerracheal says, Any plans to visit England in the future?

Jamie Denton says, I was in Ireland last May, but that's as close as I'll get for a while I'm afraid.

tp_phil says, In a french newspaper, Fred K. Keller said recently that he is sure that producer and FOX will do the necessary in order to that The Pretender "close" the story . What do you think of that Jamie ?

Jamie Denton says, I don't know who has that power, tp_phil.

caroline_1us says, Jamie, you don't know what Michael Weiss is working on now, do you?

Jamie Denton says, I don't know where MTW is at the moment.

Riyadha says, Jamie, are you looking at scripts for pilot season yet?

Jamie Denton says, I'm sort of off the market for pilot season Kristen.  That's the unfortunate part of this.  But I was willing to gamble on this show. I think it has a ton of potential.

clement_rg says, Mr.Denton, Isn't it hard to work with wonderful people on a show for many years and then, leaving them to start working on something else?

Jamie Denton says, Yes, I do miss the Pretender "family", Clement

Jamie Denton says, Thanks for coming by, everybody

Jamie Denton says, We really appreciate you guys watching. First "the Pretender" and now "Philly".

Jamie Denton says, Let's do this after "Meat me in Philly"

Jamie Denton says, I may not have long, but I'll hear out any questions and then rule on them in true Ripley fashion.

Jamie Denton says, I think that means with raised eyebrow...

Jamie Denton says, See you then (February 10)

Jamie Denton says, Tell everybody you know to watch "Philly"...

Jamie Denton leaves