Jamie's December 16, 2001 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton enters

miss_parker8 says, Hello; Chickydoodles says, Hi Jamie!!!; kar328 says, Hey Jamie; nadraider says, Hello jamie!; IWriteForYou says, Hey, Jamie!; mc_california says, hi Jamie!; pretender1121 says, Hi Jamie; cr_82 says, hey Jamie; thecentresweeper says, Hi Jamie!; flower1811 says, hey jamie; gagouroar says, hey hamie; mlyssaparker says, hi Jamie!; faeryqueen_rs says, Hi Jamie; tp_phil says, Hi Mr Lyle; rumor_lx says, hi!; chaotic_phantasma says, Hello!; OLBJAN says, HI!!; delyla_h says, Good afternoon Mr. Denton; bookworm_on_the_run says, hi Jamie; ussprometheus_nx59650 says, Hi Thumbless; miss_parker8 says, Hi jamie; Chickydoodles says, Hi Mr. Denton; larile says, Hi Jamie or Your Honor; __TeeJay__ says, Hi Jamie!

IWriteForYou says, I have a special message from Matthew who isn't able to be here ... he says hello to you Jamie, and thanks you for the card (assuming you *are* here ... peep?)

Jamie Denton says, How about if I spend two hours saying "Hi" back to each of you individually?

Chickydoodles says, sure; IWriteForYou says, LOL!; bookworm_on_the_run says, go ahead

Jamie Denton says, Boring, huh?

faeryqueen_rs says, I guess that was a request for questions

Jamie Denton says, I should warn you that my Netscape tends to quit randomly, so if I'm gone for a second, I'll be back.   I'll do my best to answer all the questions, but that's gonna mean some typos.   If it seems I miss your question, I probably didn't see it because I'm answering another one, okay?

bookworm_on_the_run says, Jamie, did you have to teach R. Marcus the one-thumb-behavior?

Jamie Denton says, Richard complained about the thumb thing, and he only had to deal with it one show.   I love that guy, though.  One of the nicest people I've come across in L.A.

faeryqueen_rs says, Jamie:  did you two just switch fake hands, or did they make seperate ones for both of you?

Jamie Denton says, They didn't try very hard with Richard - his glove even had a thumb.

miss_parker8 says, Hello jamie ! what do you think of Michael T Weiss

Jamie Denton says, I like Michael a lot.  We really didn't get to know each other much until Canada.   But we all had a great time and he's a lot of fun to hang out with.

delyla_h says, Mr. Denton, if I am correct and if I may ask. You do work for a charity for animals? How is that going?

Jamie Denton says, I don't work hands-on with the Amanda foundation, but I know enough about their operation that I know how deserving they are.   I got my current dog there, and they were very responsible about seeing that he went to a good home.

tina_and_steff says, what breed is your dog?

Jamie Denton says, He is a yellow shepherd (mix, obviously).

gagouroar says, can we expect to see you more in Philly?

Jamie Denton says, I'm shooting my fourth in a row and just read the script for my fifth, and it's the best one yet.   Things with Kim Delaney's character are about to really heat up.   Looks like I'll be around for the rest of the season.  This Tuesday is a really good episode -- don't miss it ...

tina_and_steff says, uhm, can anyone tell a clueless European what's that show you're talking about?

Jamie Denton says, It's a Steve Bochco show.  He created NYPD Blue, LA Law, Murder One, Brooklyn South ...

Chickydoodles says, Jamie are there any similarities with the Judge to Lyle?

Jamie Denton says, No Linda, There are absolutely no similarities between Lyle and Ripley.

kar328 says, Do you think playing a judge will get you out of being picked for jury duty in the future?

Jamie Denton says, I doubt it Karen.

tp_phil says, Jamie, do you think that TNT will produce a new movie ? (The question of the day LOL)

Jamie Denton says, I don't know much about what's going on at TNT.  They haven't contacted any of us.

Riyadha says, So back to Philly ... Lois wants to know how high the bench is.

Jamie Denton says, The bench is pretty high, Kristen ... And no Lois, there's nobody under there ... yet ...

tp_phil says, Jamie : what is your best character ? (movie, series, theatre)

Jamie Denton says, Right now, Ripley's my favorite.

Riyadha says, Why is Tuesday's ep your favorite so far?

Jamie Denton says, There's so much coming up between him and Kim's character, and it's really well written.

mc_california says, Jamie - what is the atmosphere on the Philly set?   Friendly cast and crew?

Jamie Denton says, The atmosphere is great -- fun people, great crew, it's really a blast.   Really great actors too, which is nice.   Rick Hoffman (Terry Loomis) is brilliant.

Chickydoodles says, As long as they are as nice as you Jamie.

Jamie Denton says, Aw shucks, Linda

pre_ten_der says, Saw the ep last week for the first time and must say that im hooked

Jamie Denton says, Hooked on "Philly"?

pre_ten_der says, hooked on Philly Jamie, fantastic show

Jamie Denton says, This Tuesday I have a huge cop-killer murder case, and the first hint that something might be coming with Kim's character.

kar328 says, is that one that's going to make Lois blush?

Jamie Denton says, It won't make her blush as much as the ep when the robe comes off ... (no joke...)

thecentresweeper says, Jamie: Do you know if TNT is going to play the last four episodes of season 3 in the pretender?

Jamie Denton says, I can't figure out what their pattern is now on the repeats.

miss_parker8 says, Do you have movie project?s

Jamie Denton says, No movie projects in the works.  Haven't even had time for a meeting.   Thanks for asking though ... I'd love to work one in.

tp_phil says, How will you do if TNT will produce more movie? Do you will continue Philly ?

Jamie Denton says, I'm not sure where the priority will be.  It all depends on how it's handled.   I can promise you it will be about loyalty, not money

IWriteForYou says, Excuse the interruption, but Castor968 - Kelli - did Jamie and I just get a fantastic Christmas card from you?

castor968 says, Yes Lois. Glad you got it.

IWriteForYou says, Thanks
castor968 says, Welcome

IWriteForYou says, Jamie - Castor968 is THE Kelli we spoke about

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Kelli --I saw it.  You're the best.

Castor968 says, You're very welcome

TravelGal99 says, Oh, MR Marge just walked into the room and asked me to wish Jamie "happy holidays."  So, Happy Holidays.  End of message

Jamie Denton says, Back at you, "Mr. Marge"

mc_california says, what does Augustus abbreviate to? Gus?

Jamie Denton says, Thankfully, in the first "intimate" scene with Kim, you find out he goes by "Jack", not "Gus."  The lawyers all call him "Ripley"  (Your Honor, to his face)

pre_ten_der says, Heres one for you Jamie, in TP they were they compaird you to a Jimmy Stewart kind of guy, anything like that with Philly or no

Jamie Denton says, No Jimmy Stewart in "Philly"  This guy is completely different.

tp_phil says, Jamie, do you some news of the other Pretender cast ?

Jamie Denton says, I don't know of anything going on with the rest of the guys.   I only talk to Richard Marcus usually, and he keeps in touch with everybody.

mc_california says, Jamie - what do you think is Ripley's most interesting characteristic

Jamie Denton says, Ripley is brilliant -- a listener -- he's also a liberal left-winger.   That's a first time for me.   In the script, his mind is described as "darting like a fish."

Raininfire_99 says, Hi Jamie.  I can't stay but wanted to pop in and tell you that I think you did a wonderful job on Philly.  I can't wait to see you on there again.

Jamie Denton says, Thanks raininfire -- I appreciate it

rumor_lx says, Jamie, if given the chance, what would you like to see Lyle doing?

Jamie Denton says, I'd like to see Lyle have a little success.   But it's not a show about Lyle, so he never will.   It's challenging as an actor to always be the one with egg on your face.

TravelGal99 says, Personally, I thought you did the best job of anyone in the movie.  And I'm not just saying that because you're here in the chat.

Jamie Denton says, Thanks a lot Marge.  I really liked some of it.

miss_parker8 says, Hello my name is jenny, you are my favourite actor!  You do go holidays Christmas?

Jamie Denton says, Hi Jenny -- I'm going to Tennessee for a few days.

Riyadha says, Jamie, are you filming this week?

Jamie Denton says, This week is my biggest week of "Philly" shooting.  We're filming the "first date" situation with Kathleen and Ripley (It's not actually a "date", btw).

mc_california says, would that be your forth episode?

Jamie Denton says, Yep, this is my fourth - "Ripley, Believe it or Not" to air 1/15/2002.

tp_phil says, Jamie, there is a lot of Court show (Ally Mc Beal, Practice, Murder One), why Philly is a so different (the best Court show ?) for you ?

Jamie Denton says, I think Bochco's style is faster and I love the way they're shot.  Obviously, the stories are all similar, like in life.  But Bochco productions is really great at sucking you in -- like on N.Y.P.D. Blue.  We shoot a *lot* more coverage than any show I've ever been associated with.

kar328 says, Did he do Hill St. Blues too?

Jamie Denton says, Yes, he did Hill Street

Jamie Denton says, HEY--memo to anyone who saw SHORTY'S ... Stan Cahill HAS a bare butt shot on NYPD in about three weeks. He has a small recurring arc that just started last week.

tp_phil says, Jamie what do you think of the new revelation of Island Of The Haunted?

Jamie Denton says, I found the "revelations" curious.   I'm just not sure how much we "learned" in the movie.

kaat24 says, Hello, Mr. Denton!  This is my first time here, and it's wonderful to be able to chat with you! My question is, do you have a favorite Lyle quote?

Jamie Denton says, Hi Kaat24 (my favorite number, btw, since I had it on my jersey for about 16 years).   My favorite saying has to do with being "thumbless in the desert."

thecentresweeper says, Jamie: (My first time too) I jaust wanna say i thinks this is cool, that you actually do thidq

Jamie Denton says, You're very welcome, centresweeper -- thanks for watching.

thecentresweeper says, Jamie: Can you slam dunk?

Jamie Denton says, I can just barely dunk one-handed.  I could stick it with two in college.

thecentresweeper says, Jamie: Aren't you like 6' 1

Jamie Denton says, Yeah, I'm 6'1", but short by b-ball standards.

Jamie Denton says, Well--I've gotta go.  I have a *pile* of script to memorize for tomorrow.

chaotic_phantasma says, Bye, then; Chickydoodles says, bye Jamie, You're WONDERFUL; pretenderangel17 says, bye Jamie, and thanks for coming!; TravelGal99 says, Bye Jamie.  Think well.; pretender1121 says, Bye Jamie!; paula_pern says, bye, Jamie; gagouroar says, ow. it was great to have stopped by!; jeannette_denton says, Bye Jamie.; akadaynabayna says, Bye, Jamie; tina_and_steff says, bye Jamie, great  chatting with you!!; IWriteForYou says, Thanks so much for joining us today Jamie - it was super seeing you here again; lyle_parker says, Bye Mr. Denton; faeryqueen_rs says, bye Jamie; kar328 says, bye Jamie, thanks so much for the chat; mc_california says, Thanks for coming Jamie!; tp_phil says, Thanks Jamie, see you soon  kaat24 says, Good bye Mr. Denton.  Thank you so much for being here!; jmpsb says, bye. thank you!; __TeeJay__ says, Thanks very much for chatting with us, Jamie!; castor968 says, Bye Jamie!  Thanks for chatting; summerrses says, bye Jamie, enjoyed the chat; larile says, bye Jamie, Have a Happy Holiday.  summerrses says, thanks for coming; bookworm_on_the_run says, Bye jamie, thanks for the card and for the chat; rumor_lx says, bye Jamie and thanks for chatting with us!

Jamie Denton says, Hopefully we'll have more Pretender movies to talk about in the future, but in the meantime, I'd be happy to have chats that give you more inside scoop on Philly, which is what I'm doing now.  I'll always be glad to talk Pretender, but I just have a lot more to offer regarding "Philly" because the role is so much better.

mc_california says,  Jamie, thank you for taking the time to send us X-mas cards, very thoughtful

Jamie Denton says, Thank Lois for the leg work...

TravelGal99 says, Back in and back to the tree "see you on Tuesday" on Philly!

Jamie Denton says, Why don't you guys watch "Philly", see what you think, and if there's interest, we'll set up a chat for next week.

lyle_parker says, Mr. Denton, one question about 'The Pretender': What was your reaction when your read Lyle is a cannibal?

Jamie Denton says, Lyle wants you to *think* he's a cannibal ... Is he really?

lyle_parker says, No he isn't a cannibal... I know that.

Calliope_98 says, So Jamie what do you wear under those robes?

Jamie Denton says, You're out of order, Calliope ... (kidding). You find out on Jan 22

__TeeJay__ says, Does Jamie wear one of those white curly wigs?

Jamie Denton says, Hey TJ, the wig is "powdered" (I don't *really* wear a wig...)

Calliope_98 says, Jamie do you have any other plays in your future? (Dawn)

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Dawn -- None right now. I'm always open to them, though.

faeryqueen_rs says, Jamie, did you watch Philly before you got the part?

Jamie Denton says, Yeah I watched.  I had auditioned for Kyle Secor's part (Kim's ex) so I was curious.

lyle_parker says, Mr. Denton an important question for me: Do you think Lyle killed his wife or anyone else ?

Jamie Denton says, I said Lyle may not *eat* them ... I didn't question the killing part.

thecentresweeper says, Jamie: Where do you see Bobby Bowman, had the centre not intervined?

Jamie Denton says, They didn't intervene ... Bobby busted himself out of the shed

Jamie Denton says, Oops-- gotta run -- I'll try to clear out Sunday for you --I'll be in Tennessee, but I think I can make it happen. Thanks for coming, everybody.

Jamie Denton leaves