Jamie's December 21, 2002 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton enters

Jamie Denton says, I don't think I was ever *really* here...

jechma says, the perils of chatting

Jamie Denton says, I saw the screen, but couldn't see what anyone was saying, but *here* you are...

luvsktry says, Great Show last night Jamie
bblvr77 says, yes, Jamie.  I loved it.  was so good to see you again
chickydoodles says, Jamie Denton Rules
ginack0410 says, loved the show last night, Jamie
chickydoodles says, Jamie Denton is wonderful
imajdnow says, Hello Jamie

Jamie Denton says, Hey everybody...Thanks for the nice reviews - and thanks for watching.

chickydoodles says, Jamie Denton can do no wrong

Jamie Denton says, Oh, Linda...you always flatter me.
Jamie Denton says, (Don't stop)

Jamie Denton says, Okay, I'll write in short spurts
Jamie Denton says, So you'll know I'm answering
Jamie Denton says, I know a lot of your names, but I'll use your screen name or a shortened version thereof so that *everyone* will know to whom I'm talking

imajdnow says, This is my first time in the chat.  My name is Marilyn.  I'll just watch for awhile.

Jamie Denton says, Welcome, Marilyn.  Speak up...
Jamie Denton says, Or this bunch will roll right over you.........

luvsktry says, What was it like working with Drew Carey... I bet it was alot of fun.. it sure looked like a fun set to work on

Jamie Denton says, It was really a pleasant surprise
Jamie Denton says, Drew was very nice and very gracious and more talented than I thought

beadslore says, Just dropped in to say I loved You on Drew. Can't stay long

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Beadslore

akadaynabayna says, Had you ever watched the show before you were cast in it?

Jamie Denton says, (akadaynabayna)  I had seen the show a few times, but must admit, not many.   I had a friend who was on it as a recurring character, and I had seen her in it

ljrosenthal says, Have you done much comedy before -- say, on the stage?

Jamie Denton says, (very little, Ljrosenthal)

ljrosenthal says, How much of last night's episode was improvised?

Jamie Denton says, Those guys are incredibly talented improvisers

Pixie7_2001 says, jaime, can i ask a question unrelated to being on the show?

Jamie Denton says, Sure Pixie

Pixie7_2001 says, jaime, if you were on a curling team, what position would you play and why?

Jamie Denton says, I'd handle the blow dryer, I guess.
Jamie Denton says, You *did* mean "hair" curling...?

Pixie7_2001 says, not really

Jamie Denton says, I'm from Nashville, after all

Pixie7_2001 says, just trying to picture you on ice with a broom

Jamie Denton says, How do you know curling if you're from Texas?

noapteinger says, espn
beadslore says, Did you follow the Angles this year?

Jamie Denton says, Oh, yeah.  I jumped on the Angel bandwagon

beadslore says, Go to any games?

Jamie Denton says, I actually went to a bunch of games as far back as Spring Training

beadslore says, Maybe you'll be cast in a baseball show
mc_california says, Jamie: did  they have a matress or such to cushion the fall?  How often did you have to do that take?
akadaynabayna says, Have you had a lot of experience with physical comedy?

Jamie Denton says, There was a little mattress, behind the couch, which is why they tried to do it there.   But it didn't really work.

ljrosenthal says, Why didn't it work?

Jamie Denton says, Because the blocking never got me far enough upstage to get behind the couch - So I just hit the floor.

kar328 says, how many takes?

Jamie Denton says, We only did it three times that night, I think.  But a few times during the day in rehearsal, too.

riyadha says, Jamie, you said after filming Two Guys and a Girl that it almost wasn't worth it because it was so much work for such little time.   Did you feel differently filming last night's episode?

Jamie Denton says, (riyadha) Good question (and memory).  This was more fun just because I had so much more to do.   I knew the producer of "Two Guys", so it was fun working with him (Kevin Abbott) - he's now running "Reba"

sing2me33455 says, How long ago did you actually do the show

Jamie Denton says, (sing2me)  We actually just shot it 12/4, which is *really* short lead time for TV.

calliope_98 says, 12/4?
iwriteforyou says, December 4th
iwriteforyou says, (of this year LOL)
bblvr77 says, Lois told us about being there for the taping.  Glad you took good care of her Jamie

Jamie Denton says, (bblvr77)  We had fun.  I think she'd agree that the taping was funnier than the show

(Lois' Note - The taping really was much funnier than the show.  I was shocked to see how much of the small detail that makes something "extremely" funny (vs just humorous) simply doesn't get picked up by the camera)

luvsktry says, I hope your better with a razor than Drew... that looked like it really hurt!
chickydoodles says, how did they do the razor Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, (re: the blood) Any guesses about how it was done?

mc_california says, ketchup?
chickydoodles says, Catsup?
akadaynabayna says, Karo syrup dyed red?
ljrosenthal says, They cut away, and then add a packet of red dye?
luvsktry says, Red dye
akadaynabayna says, Eye dropper taped to the razor?
almaritag says, red dye # 12
Pixie7_2001 says, a tube running behind his neck?

Jamie Denton says, The razor was a rubber fake and full of fake blood with a hole where the blades would be.  Drew just had to squeeze.

calliope_98 says, Lot of blood and razor talk here and I couldn't see the episode, does this mean your character died?
calliope_98 says, On a comedy?

Jamie Denton says, (I might as well have, Dawn)

noapteinger says, mr denton, i (cas) have a question for you that doesn't relate to the show; would you mind my asking now, or would you prefer that i wait till after the show topics have been exhausted?

Jamie Denton says, (how about next, noapteinger?)

noapteinger says, are you a baritone or a bass?  (you don't strike me as a tenor)

Jamie Denton says, (noapteinger) I was actually a true tenor until I had viral laryngitis.   It cost me almost an octave in damage.   Barely sing at all now.

ljrosenthal says, When did you have the laryngitis?

Jamie Denton says, I had laryngitis right before I shot the pilot "LA Med" in '97.   I nearly lost the job because I couldn't make a sound.  
They (producer Alan Arkush, now exec on 'Crossing Jordan') took a chance that I'd get better and just looped the sound on the first day of shooting.   I did get better after that

ljrosenthal says, Did the pitch of your speaking voice get lower also?

Jamie Denton says, Speaking voice didn't get any lower, just lost the upper range and falsetto

bblvr77 says, Jamie.  Did you see the Drew Carey show when they did their version on The Full Monty?

Jamie Denton says, No bblvr77, but I heard it was great

calliope_98 says, Jamie did you meet or have any scenes with Craig Ferguson?  I love him.

Jamie Denton says, Didn't meet Craig, but I think he's great Calliope

calliope_98 says, I saw a movie he did about hairdressing.  It was wonderful.  I missed the one about pot though.

Jamie Denton says, That's the one.   He has a great movie called "The Big Tease" with my buddy David Rasche from "That Old Feeling"

bblvr77 says, are there any shows on TV now that you would like to be a part of Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, I'm just waiting to see what pilot season will bring.  There have been so many disasters (particularly on ABC) that I hope it will be a good one

ljrosenthal says, Here and on the Phillly Board we're still in mourning over the Philly cancellation.

Jamie Denton says, The "Philly" cancellation was ludicrous.   ABC regrets it, I've heard

ladynole86 says, Any chance of Philly coming back since Kim has left CSI: Miami?

Jamie Denton says, Nope.  Philly's deader than Elvis.

riyadha says, My roommate is from Tennessee and said the papers there made it sound like the canceling of Philly was a state tragedy because you were on it.

Jamie Denton says, (riyadha) There's a columnist in The Tennessean that keeps up with what I'm doing

mc_california says, Jamie: if you could pick during pilot season, what kind of show would you like best: sit-com, drama, ensemble...

Jamie Denton says, I actually prefer one hour drama.  It's just more rewarding.  The sit-com schedule is tough to beat, but I just don't enjoy it as much.

luvsktry says, I just hope that your next show will be very rewarding for you Jamie!

Jamie Denton says, Thanks luvsktry

Jamie Denton says, ABC has a western coming out called "Then Came Jones."   They didn't think I was "right." They cast the guy who was the lead in that young Indiana Jones show -- Sean Patrick Flannery, I think

bblvr77 says, so what kind of role would you like best?

Jamie Denton says, I'd love to do a western.  Just anything to get out of a suit.

brandie1996 says, What about the HBO western with David Milch?  Is that casting yet?

Jamie Denton says, The Milch western is full of "character actors."    We've talked to them a lot, but there just hasn't been anything for my "type" they say.    Not sure what's going on there, but I'm not real happy about it.

luvsktry says, How do you *not* get very frustrated?

Jamie Denton says, You just can't take it personally, luvsktry, and  I'm pretty thick-skinned

akadaynabayna says, What are your thoughts, Jamie, on the Tennessee Titans being overlooked for any pro-bowlers?

Jamie Denton says, (Dana)  I think it's justified.  They really don't have any standouts.     They are a pretty complete team. (Tennessee Titans)

Jamie Denton says, Talked to Rick Hoffman the other day.   He's in Montreal doing a movie.   He's doing great.    I think he benefited more from "Philly" than anyone ...  and rightfully so.   I had been to an audition that he should have been on, so I told the director he should call him in, and I found him in Montreal

imajdnow says, Are you and Rick Hoffman good friends? Or did you just meet on the set of Philly?

Jamie Denton says, I think he's a great actor.   We met on the show, but have stayed in touch

Mick says, Jamie, do you think that you might do a play this summer?

Jamie Denton says, I'd hope to, pretender1121.   It's just really tough to work in. It's hard to find good productions of good scripts.  Mike Petty and I might have one more up our sleeves.   You guys will be the first to know

kar328 says, How difficult was it doing "Our Town" with little/no props?

Jamie Denton says, (kar328) Once you submit to that convention, it's easy.    Kind of liberating.   Great question though, because it *is* very unique

calliope_98 says, When did you do OUr Town?

Jamie Denton says, "Our Town" was my first acting job in 1986.   Not only the first play I'd been *in*, but the first I'd seen.   That director had seen me portraying Jesus (no pressure there) in a church musical and just offered it to me.

calliope_98 says, How do you play Jesus?

Jamie Denton says, It was a musical written for performance in a church; mostly singing. It was really uncomfortable.  Don't think I'd be in a hurry to do it again.

Jamie Denton says, Just started doing theater and did nothing but that for 6 or 8 years before getting cast in a few independent films

Jamie Denton says, (By the way, the middle name's "Thomas" for anyone interested...)    I think I just missed that question in a chat once.

ljrosenthal says, Yours?

Jamie Denton says, Yep

calliope_98 says, Jamie reads the board alot I see.

Jamie Denton says, I actually heard from someone, not the board...

iwriteforyou says, Actually, I told him, Dawn 

Jamie Denton says, I wasn't gonna rat you out...

iwriteforyou says, Thanks ... How James Cagney of you!  LOL
ljrosenthal says, Is Jamie your real first name, or is it a nickname?

Jamie Denton says, James.   There's been talk of me changing the acting name to "James" from "Jamie"

iwriteforyou says, ACK! 
bblvr77 says, do you want to do that Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, My manager's been pushing for it for a while

imajdnow says, So what name do you like to be called?  What do your friends call you?

Jamie Denton says, Everybody calls me "Jamie" or "JD" or something worse.  Jamie is a *little* young and maybe a little girly for some.  My dad was "Jim" and James is a little formal, so I got "Jamie"

imajdnow says, Mom gave it to you, right?

Jamie Denton says, Yep

ljrosenthal says, We were told not to ask about names, but here it goes:  was that your father's name -- are you a junior?

Jamie Denton says, Yep, I'm a junior

akadaynabayna says, They don't want you to change to James because of the romance writer named Jamie Denton do they?
iwriteforyou says, (sits on hands)

Jamie Denton says, Lois can't type now.  I don't think anyone knows her that well, do they?   I never heard of her.

Mick says, Lois, do you have a comment?

Jamie Denton says, Lois *always* has a comment... (That should get her off her hands...)

iwriteforyou says, Well ... maybe just ONE
iwriteforyou says, Nah - I'm passing
noapteinger says, mr denton, i know you've met so many ppl and it's been years since you've worked in chicago, but i'd like to ask you if a name rings a bell

Jamie Denton says, Who, noapteinger?
(Lois' Note:  The part where noapteinger mentioned the name was accidentally lost, but Jamie's answer fills the gap)
Jamie Denton says, Lisa Devine doesn't ring a bell, noapteinger.

Jamie Denton says, Well, I've got a little work to do.   How about last call questions?

sing2me33455 says, Jamie, do you get back to Nashville often?

Jamie Denton says, I try to get to Nashville, but it's tough.  At least once or twice a year

kar328 says, Lois - are we doing the contest winners or is it being posted?
iwriteforyou says, ACK!  Forgot ...
iwriteforyou says, Jamie?    Want to announce the winners?
iwriteforyou says, Do you have time?

Jamie Denton says, What winners?
Jamie Denton says, (joking...)
Jamie Denton says, Okay okay

iwriteforyou says, (puts tranquilzer back in the bottle ...)

Jamie Denton says, THIRD PRIZE goes to (it's an autographed "Drew Carey" water bottle...)

Jamie Denton says, Not by him, but by me (sorry...)
Jamie Denton says, GINA!!

ginack0410 says, no way?
ginack0410 says, THANK YOU!!

Jamie Denton says, SECOND PRIZE ... An all-expense paid trip to (oops  sorry, that's not right)

iwriteforyou says, DROPS DEAD ON THE FLOOR

Jamie Denton says, TO LOIS' FOR DINNER!!!!
Jamie Denton says, (kidding)

iwriteforyou says, (groan ...)

Jamie Denton says, An autographed "Drew Tries Hot Salsa" script... is a *TIE*

Jamie Denton says, So, I'll cut it in half...

Jamie Denton says, One goes to DANA!

akadaynabayna says, Thank you.

Jamie Denton says, And the other one goes to (I actually signed two)...MICHELLE!!!!!

Mick says, yay1 thank you

Jamie Denton says, I don't believe our first prize winner is in attendance....

iwriteforyou says, Nope

Jamie Denton says, But I think it was an excused absence.

iwriteforyou says, (Yes, it was)

Jamie Denton says, The Grand Prize was the trip to Paris with me that Kathleen Maguire didn't get to take due to ABC, but

iwriteforyou says, ROTFLOL

Jamie Denton says, Since she's not here, TINA only gets an autographed "Man In The Iron Chair" script

almaritag says, would it be possible for jamie to email her with the great news

Jamie Denton says, Sure.   Is that doable, Lois?

iwriteforyou says, Yep, sure is - be happy to take care of getting Jamie the info to do it

Jamie Denton says, (I've never seen "doable" written out)   Is that a word?

iwriteforyou says, In LoisLand, ALL Jamie words are legit ...

Jamie Denton says, It's like "sticktoitiveness."   People use that a lot now.   I thought my high school football coach made that one up - the same way that he used to say "flustrated" all the time as if it was a word

kar328 says, (do-able is listed in the online Merriam Webster)

Jamie Denton says, Hyphenated?

kar328 says, yes
kar328 says, as an adjective for 'do'

brandie1996 says, Jamie, have you been watching Tom Szengyiorgi's work on NYPD Blue?

Jamie Denton says, Yes Brandie1996- and Jesse Bochco's directing. Are you still maintaining Kim's site?

brandie1996 says, Yep -- the day of the, er, firing I had a bunch of visits as you can imagine.

Jamie Denton says, That's a really great site.  The second best one on the web.
Jamie Denton says, *smooch smooch*

iwriteforyou says, Sigh ...

Jamie Denton says, (sucking up to Lois)

iwriteforyou says, Swooning, just a bit
iwriteforyou says, (feel free to suck up anytime LOL)

Jamie Denton says, I gotta go vacuum.    It's a glamorous life

noapteinger says, which brand do you use?

Jamie Denton says, Hoover.     Send over any ironing if you want

ljrosenthal says, Thanks for the card and this chat.   Have a great holiday, Jamie
iwriteforyou says, Have a wonderful Christmas, Jamie 
Pixie7_2001 says, merry christmas, jaimie!!!!
noapteinger says, have a great holiday season
kar328 says, Thanks for chatting and happy holidays to you and your family Jamie

Jamie Denton says, Lois made the cards happen, but you're very welcome

ginack0410 says, Merry Christmas Jamie

Jamie Denton says, JPAC Rocks
Jamie Denton says, (and Kristen...

riyadha says, *thunk*
luvsktry says, JAMIE ROCKS!!!

Jamie Denton says, See you guys all soon.  Thanks for being here.  Have a great holiday!  Hope to have something fun to watch this Spring
Jamie Denton says, Thanks Lois

iwriteforyou says, Any time

Jamie Denton says, Good night, Gracie

ljrosenthal says, We would watch you reading the Yellow Pages for two hours.
luvsktry says, Thanks Jamie!!!!
noapteinger says, good night george
kar328 says, Goodnight George

Jamie Denton leaves