Jamie's December 23, 2001 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie was in Tennessee when the date for this chat rolled around, and couldn't get his computer to let him in to the chat room, so he found a Kinko's, logged on using one of their computers and chatted from there.

Jamie Denton enters

B_twin_1 says, Merry Christmas Jamie!; B_twin_2 says, Hi Jamie!; thecentresweeper says, Hey Jamie!; IWriteForYou says, Hey, Jamie; southernbelle_180 says, ahh there he is; labrat_at_home says, Hi Jamie!!!; p_phil says, Hi Jamie , Happy X-Mas; larile says, Hi Jamie!; steffpudding says, Hi Jamie!!; thecentresweeper says, Merry Christmas; akadaynabayna says, Hi, Jamie; parkerjarod86 says, hi jamie!; thimbleberry7 says, Hi, Jamie.; B_twin_1 says, Glad to see you finally make it Jamie; tp_phil says, happy New Year too lol; crawfoc99 says, G'day Jamie, nice to see you made it; kar328 says, hi Jamie; stardusted_pegasus says, Hey Jamie, Merry Christmas!; Riyadha says, hey Jamie

Jamie Denton says, There's only one guy working here, and I'm pretty sure he was in "Deliverance"

B_twin_1 says, LOL; IWriteForYou says, LOL!; B_twin_2 says, LOL; kar328 says, LOL; thecentresweeper says, LOL; stardusted_pegasus says, lol; steffpudding says, Jamie, THANK YOU FOR THE CARD!; southernbelle_180 says, LOL well that settles it he's in TN; larile says, uh oh LOL; OLBJAN says, jamie, just asked Lois: package hasn't arrived yet so there's still a chance she'll have to share...

Jamie Denton says, Easy there Yvonne...

southernbelle_180 says, well i have relatives up there so I resemble that remark

Jamie Denton says, Okay then

IWriteForYou says, Philly was *great* on Tuesday, Jamie!

Jamie Denton says, (oops..he's looking over my shoulder...busted)

thecentresweeper says, Great Job In Philly Tuesday; kar328 says, Judge Ripley is a big hit on one of the Yahoo Philly boards; B_twin_1 says, not surprising ;-); thecentresweeper says, Of course Karen LOL; crawfoc99 says, We're thinking of starting a movement here in Oz to get Philly screened here next year; stardusted_pegasus says, I've had problems at Kinko's before, and yes, Philly was great.; southernbelle_180 says, you would expect anything less?

Jamie Denton says, Thanks for the good reviews.  Didn't know "Philly" had boards.

castor968 says, Philly was excellent; OLBJAN says, grmpf.... no idea what you guys are talking about and I'm afraid that won't really change for another couple of months; Calliope_98 says, Yes you are tough Jamie but I love the smoldering looks between you and Kim.; kar328 says, there are a bunch of them.; larile says, major chemistry!; thecentresweeper :nods in agreement; castor968 says, Sparks were definitely flying

Jamie Denton says, Sorry Jan...at least you're awake this week

OLBJAN says, i was awake last week as well but was reading in another window - there isn't much for me to add to philly discussions

Jamie_Denton says, How dare you? Yeah, it's a shame it's not on there - this must get a little boring

crawfoc99 says, We like to hear what's going on.  At least we get the scoop on new shows; B_twin_1 says, well it is one way to have a guaranteed fan base before it even starts here; Riyadha says, So what happens in the next episode?; kar328 says, someone on the Philly board posted a message halfway through the ep saying she wasn't fond of Ripley, then one at the end completely turned around calling him a 'powerful presence"

Jamie Denton says, The Jan 8th ep is a lighter case (with Ossie Davis as Kim's client) but the first scene with Kim wherein I call her "Kathleen"

larile says, Jamie, Ripley was wearing a ring, what kind is it? Is it a prop?

Jamie Denton says, It's a prop Harvard Law ring

Jamie Denton says, The Jan 15 and 22 episodes are pretty steamy.  We just shot the 1/15 show, and Kim and I were making out in an underground parking lot until 3 a.m.

kar328 says, tough job; thecentresweeper says, LOL; akadaynabayna says, :-); larile says, LOL poor guy

Jamie Denton says, Ripley drives a brand new black BMW, by the way

B_twin_1 says, aawww ...poor Jamie.... ;-); crawfoc99 says, What fun that must have been with all the crew around; Calliope_98 says, *gasp*  That Kim Delaney is lucky.; southernbelle_180 says, must be hard; stardusted_pegasus says, How exciting ... and a black BMW, nice.; thecentresweeper says, Nice Car!; larile says, That car doesn't blow up does it?; OLBJAN says, gotta love german workmanship with cars

Jamie Denton says, Thanks, but I'm the lucky one, probably

castor968 says, Did you actually get to drive the car this time? (Unlike the Pretender movie)

Jamie Denton says, Yep, they let me drive this one (and didn't blow it up). On Jan 22, the clothes start flying ... talk about chemistry

Riyadha says, So you were stripping in an underground parking lot at 3 in the morning?

Calliope_98 says, Eeek; thecentresweeper says, LOL; B_twin_1 says, Can someone turn down the heating in the room please??; southernbelle_180 says, maybe we should tell Santa that you have been bad

Jamie Denton says, No, the clothes stayed on in the parking lot

B_twin_1 says, oohhh ... and where did you end up?

Jamie_Denton says, The action is in chambers...

B_twin_1 says, hhhmmmmmmmmmm; Calliope_98 says, The chambers?  Isn't there some sort of rule against that?; stardusted_pegasus says, Chambers? How scandalous! lol; thecentresweeper says, The Chambers.... Shame; castor968 says, Is he allowed to do that?; crawfoc99 says, I just love the way judges say "in chambers"; B_twin_1 says, don't they call that "workplace liasions"??; IWriteForYou says, Actually, I think they call that "consenting adults" LOL

Jamie Denton says, That's the great thing about Ripley...He's the boss. And watch for the chocolate in the Jan 15 show...thought about you guys

Riyadha says, She just couldn't wait to get out of the building to get your clothes off, huh.; kar328 says, LOL; southernbelle_180 says, LOL; thecentresweeper says, lol; castor968 says, Won't this create a conflict of interest if he's on more of her cases; Calliope_98 says, Chocolate? Mmmmmm; Just_TeeJay says, Gee, if there is *one* thing I should have learned, it's that you should never log out of Yahoo, once it's working.; B_twin_1 says, LOL ...awww ..how sweet ;-); larile says, lol; crawfoc99 says, LOL  Well, it sounds like Philly is being really good for you Jamie and it does sound like a wonderful show; stardusted_pegasus says, Chocolate! Yummmy!; tp_phil says, jdidine and Lyssa happy to read my message?; castor968 says, Not that I am objecting, of course; steffpudding says, Chocolate??

Calliope_98 says, So how is the weather in Tennessee Jamie?

Jamie_Denton says, Nice weather here - about 60 and sunny

Just_TeeJay says, Hi again Jamie, though. 

jdidine says, i just saw it ...

Jamie Denton says, Hey TJ

thecentresweeper says, In Michigan its like 20 and cloudy and snowing; southernbelle_180 says, i want some snow dang it; akadaynabayna says, 12 here; stardusted_pegasus says, Wish it was sunny here in GA, its damp and rainy and its not even seasonably cool!; Calliope_98 says, Oh that sounds nice.

Jamie Denton says, Just saw what, jdidine?

stardusted_pegasus says, I wish it would snow here!
crawfoc99 says, It's bloody hot and humid in Sydney!!!! Typical summer, stormy weather!

jdidine says, nothing...

Jamie Denton says, secrets aren't polite.......

Just_TeeJay says, Do you have snow where you are, Jamie?

jdidine says, Sorry Jamie...it's a secret

Jamie Denton says, Nope--too warm here

Calliope_98 says, So Jamie do you know how many more episodes you will be in of Philly? And what did you think of IOTH ratings?

Jamie Denton says, We're working on getting something firm for the rest of the year, but no commitments from them or me yet. Jamie Denton says, It's a tough call for me to tie myself up through pilot season.  Sort of a gamble

stardusted_pegasus says, that makes sense; Calliope_98 says, Yeah we hear you.  I hope it works out for you either way.; thecentresweeper says, Yeha; B_twin_1 says, close your eyes and toss a coin??; thecentresweeper says, yeah; Just_TeeJay  crossing her fingers for Jamie; Calliope_98 says, We are happy to see you wherever you are; Riyadha says, We'll be happy either way.

Jamie Denton says, The IOTH ratings didn't surprise me at all, considering the gross lack of promotion

Calliope_98 says, Yes I understand from what I've heard that they promoted it less than the first.  That is sad.

Jamie Denton says, They promoted it none. There's no good excuse for the time between movies. 

southernbelle_180 says, what kind of ratings does Philly have?  if you know

Jamie Denton says, "Philly" is growing.  "Judging Amy" is just a powerhouse on CBS, but "Philly" is an easy second over Dateline NBC

castor968 says, Philly is better than Judging Amy; thecentresweeper says, Yeah Philly; Riyadha says, The lead in from NYPD Blue seems to really be helping.; stardusted_pegasus says, Go Philly!; larile says, ITA, philly is a good show.; kar328 says, Battle of the judges; crawfoc99 says, It seems to me that there's now a plethora of lawyer/court series around again.  They seemed to die down after the 80s

larile says, Jamie, *love* those B-Ball pictures!

Jamie Denton says, Those pics are pretty funny, huh? Looooong time ago

Jamie Denton says, Hey, by the way, aren't you all glad to know that you're worth $.20 per minute?

Calliope_98 says, Yes we are!; southernbelle_180 says, is that all?; kar328 says, LOL; crawfoc99 says, At least that!!; Just_TeeJay says, LOL; thecentresweeper says, Yes!; Calliope_98 says, Let's take a collection up for Jamie.; kar328 says, not even a quarter; B_twin_2 says, We're special. hehe; castor968 says, Lol; steffpudding says, wow, thanks Jamie!  stardusted_pegasus says, i thought I was worth more than that...lol; B_twin_1 says, blushes; castor968 says, Thanks!; jdidine says, LOL; Just_TeeJay says, Jamie, that is *so* nice!; Calliope_98 says, Yahoo sure is weird.  How come you couldn't get on at home but you can at Kinko's?; OLBJAN says, $.20 / min?? sorry didn't get that; southernbelle_180 says, how much money did you bring? that may determine how long you stay

Jamie Denton says, I'm at Kinko's...

OLBJAN says, hmm... i don't pay for internet or phone

crawfoc99 says, Here in Oz, Kinko's are just printers like Kwik Kopy; jacobette2002 says, kikoouuu, a little sentence for my friends : don't push granny on the nettles!

Jamie Denton says, Are you in prison, Jan?

OLBJAN says, no... living at a place called "mom's"

Jamie Denton says, aahhhhhhh

OLBJAN says, well never mind the german currency thing... we ain't got it no more

Riyadha says, did Jan just say ain't?

Jamie Denton says, Good question Kristen...sure l;ooked like it

Jamie_Denton says, (minus the ;-)

Jamie Denton says, Hey--I made a wink! How'd that happen? I just typed a semi-colon

thecentresweeper says, u must of typed something else too

Jamie Denton says, and suddenly I'm flirting with Kristen

Calliope_98 says, Hey how come you don't flirt with me and I asked ya to marry me? *eg*

Jamie Denton says, (now we're busted, Kristen)

Riyadha says, :-D

OLBJAN says, he's on a mac i gather. Those are not special.. they're a pest (sorry); steffpudding says, I'm getting the feeling you're not a Mac fan, Jan?; OLBJAN says, i hate macs (see this as uppercase but i won't type that way in here long as karen is around; steffpudding says, those new white iBooks look pretty cool, I think. They *are* kinda cool, too (I've used one)

southernbelle_180 says, you guys are all insane

Jamie Denton says, Now there's a blanket generalization

Just_TeeJay says, Can we please not talk about Macs, they remind me of university, thus of work.

Jamie Denton says, My university had nothing to do with work

stardusted_pegasus says, I've got to go make caramel icing for a layer cake I'm making for X-mas! Wish me luck and have a great holiday! Bye!

Jamie Denton says, Bye Peg

Calliope_98 says, So Jamie if you don't mind sharing...what are some of the Christmas traditions that you and your family share?

Jamie Denton says, Very few traditions...Church on Christamas Eve, then Christmas morning gift opening ... Pretty laid back

parkerjarod86 says, Do you get to visit TN often Jamie?

Jamie Denton says, I try to get here at least two or three times a year

Calliope_98 says, Mmmm, church is nice.  What religion are you?

Jamie Denton says, Southern Baptist

Calliope_98 says, Ooooh I've been to a Baptist church to study the bible (I'm Catholic).  It was fun. Not Southern Baptist though becuase, of course I live in Ontario.

Jamie Denton says, Do Catholics use the bible? (kidding)

thecentresweeper says, Yeah; Calliope_98 says, LOL of course they do.; jdidine says, good question!!; IWriteForYou says, Not like yours, Jamie; B_twin_2 says, LOL; B_twin_1 says, LOL; crawfoc99 says, Roman Catholics have a different bible with extra books; Calliope_98 says, They do crawfoc?; crawfoc99 says, Yep!; IWriteForYou says, Uh, huh; Calliope_98 says, I thought we always used The King James Version.
IWriteForYou says, LOL

Jamie Denton says, Well, I better go spend some time with mom ... anything else?

southernbelle_180 says, no please go spend time with your family; IWriteForYou says, Only to wish y'all a Merry Christmas; pretenderangel17 says, Have a wonderful Holidays!; kar328 says, Thanks for going to all the trouble; B_twin_1 says, Have a great time with your family; Just_TeeJay says, Nooooo, you can't leave yet, Jamie, my download isn't done yet!!!; kar328 says, and Happy Holidays; akadaynabayna says, Merry Christmas, Jamie; thecentresweeper says, Bye Jamie, Merry Christmas, And Happy New Year; B_twin_2 says, Thanks for stopping by anc chatting Jamie. Hope you have a great Christmas with your family!; Calliope_98 says, Bye Jamie, have a lovely Christmas.; Just_TeeJay says, Thanks for stopping by!!! Merry x-mas, Jamie!; steffpudding says, Merry Christmas, Jamie!; castor968 says, Thanks for coming bye and have a good Christmas; parkerjarod86 says, Have a great Christmas Jamie; crawfoc99 says, Have a great time Jamie.  CYA in the New Year; larile says, You are to have a Happy Holiday; lyle_parker says, Merry Christmas Jamie and greetings to your family from the "X-Files and Pretender-Fan Club Germany"; jdidine says, HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!!!!; jacobette2002 says, MEERYY  CHHRISTTMAAASSS; mlyssaparker says, Merry christmas Jamie; OLBJAN says, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!... hmm... just read the card again

Jamie Denton says, (Nice "ya'll", Lois)

Jamie Denton says, I hope you all have a great Christmas - thanks for another fun year.  You guys are so easily the coolest group on the web

pretenderangel17 says, thanks for coming; tp_phil says, More Jamie in philly and More Jamie in tP movies; Just_TeeJay says, blushes; southernbelle_180 says, awwww how sweet; thecentresweeper says, Thank you; lyle_parker says, Oooohhh thanks.; Just_TeeJay says, Thanks.;

OLBJAN says, grmpf.. anyone do me a favor andkick him out so i can go back to my old colorful self?

mlyssaparker says, thanks a lot; larile says, :-) Jamie; jdidine says, THANKS!; Calliope_98 says, LOL Jan!; thecentresweeper says, LOL Jan; steffpudding says, And you are *definitely* our coolest member...besides Lois; crawfoc99 says, Nice to be appreciated; paula_pern says, bad Jan

Jamie Denton says, So *this* was you holding back, Jan?

Riyadha says, Bye Jamie.; Thank you.; lyle_parker says, lol; thecentresweeper says, lol; Calliope_98 says, Oh yes Jamie he can be much grumpier.; steffpudding says, bye Jamie and thanks for coming!

OLBJAN says, ehm...eh... lol ... just have to make up for Matt's being not here

Jamie Denton says, (sorry I outed us, Kristen)

lyle_parker says, It was just a smiley Jamie nothing more.; Riyadha says, (Oh, it's more fun this way)

Jamie Denton says, If you guys want, I'd like to get your reaction to the Jan 15 "Philly".  Wanna do this on the 20th?

Calliope_98 says, Yes Sir!; OLBJAN says, sure!; southernbelle_180 says, like you have to ask?; thecentresweeper says, Yes!; Riyadha says, Isn't that your birthday?; kar328 says, absolutely; crawfoc99 says, I'll be there if I can; B_twin_1 says, umm ...won't you have other commitments???; steffpudding says, absolutely!; thecentresweeper says, is his birthday; lyle_parker says, Sure... but we can't see Philli here in Germany.; Just_TeeJay says, SURE, Jamie!!!; larile says, Yep; thecentresweeper says, it can be a Philly/Birthday chat

Jamie Denton says, Nice, centresweeper...

lyle_parker says, Jamie: Do you know when Philli comes to Germany?

mlyssaparker says, we can't see Philly in france too

Jamie Denton says, I'll try to find out when it goes over there

kar328 says, Would it be okay to post that on the Philly board when the time is closer? We can kidnap a few

Jamie Denton says, Where is the "Philly" board?

kar328 says, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/philly-fans/

OLBJAN says, you wanna give them a real scare Jamie? Now that would be something i'd *have* to see -- just *please* pop in there with that name and without announcing it... lol

kar328 says, that's the one where they think Ripley is powerful. http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/bochcosphilly is another B_twin_1 says, LOL ...good plan...; Just_TeeJay says, But don't post there right before the next chat, Jamie, they might all drop dead and wouldn't be able to join the chat.; Calliope_98 says, Oooh I'd love to see that too.; crawfoc99 says, Thanks for the link I'll check it out later; B_twin_1 says, we don't want too many in the room...; thecentresweeper says, Ripley is all powerful Judge; IWriteForYou says, The more the merrier; steffpudding says, good point, Wendy; larile says, they would *flip out* to talk with our Jamie; Just_TeeJay says, I mean, this is like the *coolest* club I've ever been in.; thecentresweeper says, This is the best club!; IWriteForYou says, We want the *world* to know about Jamie, right?; OLBJAN says, depends lois... if you need an accountant to keep track of the bodies if he scares them into a collective heart attack; thecentresweeper says, Glad I found it; Just_TeeJay says, With the coolest founders in the world; Calliope_98 says, And we are the coolest guys on the web!; kar328 says, absolutely; B_twin_1 says, well ... yesss......; lyle_parker says, Sure Lois.; B_twin_1 says, struggles with sharing; larile says, Can you feel the *love*; IWriteForYou says, Then put on your good manners and SHARE; Calliope_98 says, C'mon you can do it!; B_twin_1 says, yes Mom...; tashakitty88 says, this is the best club; IWriteForYou says, Thank you :-); Just_TeeJay says, But don't OVERshare, right?; Calliope_98 says, Share is just another word for Love.

Jamie Denton says, Okay guys--see you in a few weeks.  Happy New Year

Jamie Denton leaves