Jamie's March 12, 2000 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

(After his "Pretender" episode, "Agent of Year Zero"

Jamie Denton says, "Hey guys--"
Jamie Denton says, "Thanks for the good reviews..."
Jamie Denton says, "Need a writing job Matt?"

Yoda_Lyle says, "Jamie: What were you really eating?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Some kind of beef"
Jamie Denton says, "Using the term"beef" loosely"

Yoda_Lyle says, "How many times did MTW get to dump water on you?"

Jamie Denton says, "I spent most of the day in those wet pants"

kar328 says, "was the water at least warm??" 

Jamie Denton says, "The water my feet were in was warm--the bucket wasn't"

Yoda_Lyle says, "Is Ryan Merriman in the next episode?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Not sure about Ryan--I'm not in it"

mc_california says, "How often did you get dumped with the cold bucket?"

Jamie Denton says, "We probably only did the dumping part of the scene 5 or 6 times"

HDessart says, "Hi Jamie! Fantastic performance last night! "

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks Hdessart"

Achoo13 says, "so what's up with the tatoo, trying to look like Lance Henriksen?"

Jamie Denton says, "My tattoo was covered and the cannibal one drawn on"

JDsMoegirl says, "Ahem, I, for one, am a fan of the tattoo.......hehe"

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks Sarah--glad your mom's better"

IWriteForYou says, "I have an absentee question ..." 

Jamie Denton says, "Shoot Lois" IWriteForYou says, "Paula Pern would like to know if the scene where MP and Lyle were trapped together got filmed then cut" Jamie Denton says, "Nope--you saw all that was filmed" IWriteForYou says, "Thanks - I'll pass it on :-)" ...

Yoda_Lyle says, "How did Lyle's face get bruised--was that a cut scene" 

Jamie Denton says, "The bruise was from Jarod abducting Lyle"

Chickydoodles says, "was that a real cattle prod?"

Jamie Denton says, "The prod *did* work"

missinglincoln says, "You gave a very "interesting" once-over of your assistant (Lucy?).  (And it WAS a nice dress)." 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks Matt"

catherine_ho_99 says, "is it my imagination or is mr. lyle ALWAYS giving ms. p 'once overs'?  especially in this ep." 

Jamie Denton says, "Always, Catherine"

Chickydoodles says, "Jamie, it amazes me how such a nice man like you can play such an evil man like Lyle" 

Jamie Denton says, "That surprising since you've met me, Linda..."

wallflower_89 says, "Jamie- My mom says she can never see you as a bad guy because she knows how nice you really are, (she met you at the In Walked Monk Dinner)" 

Jamie Denton says, "That's nice of her Wallflower"

Jamie Denton says, "She's both" (in answer to the question posed by several people regarding whether "Lucy" was an ‘assistant' or a ‘secretary' to Lyle)

THEPASSION81 says, "Jamie, this episode was shown "out of order", is this correct?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Yeah, many have been this year"

Lady_Zoe7 says, "Jamie, is there any limit you would consider setting on what you'll do with Lyle?  I mean, the guy sank to new lows in last night's ep, and I really didn't think that could be possible!!  It's very disconcerting to have had the chance to get to know you a little bit, and then see this awful person coming from you! LOL!!"

Jamie Denton says, "Don't believe everything Lyle offers you about himself.    If Lyle were a cannibal, do you think he'd get a tattoo and advertise it?"

Yoda_Lyle says, "WHere was Mr. P?" 

Jamie Denton says, "It's been hard to get Harve Presnell to the set this year"

HDessart says, "What happened to HP?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Harve is just so busy, it's tough to write him in"

Yoda_Lyle says, "I think Zoe was J's token chick of the week" 

Jamie Denton says, "Zoe is back in the finale... So is Mr. P..."

KD2011 says, "Mr. Denton are you in the finale a lot" 

Jamie Denton says, "Pretty good Lyle presence in the finale--great scene with Raines when Lyle confronts him about being "born-again""  

Lyles_girl says, "what about Emily?  will she be in it?"   

Jamie Denton says, "She is... Major Charles is in the finale as well..."

KD2011 says, "Will there be a cliff hanger?"

Jamie Denton says, "Pretty good cliffhanger"
Jamie Denton says, "Emily has a Lyle encounter..."

birichineria says, "Any Angelo?"

Jamie Denton says, "Yep--Angelo is there--it's a regular old home week"

catherine_ho_99 says, "So are you done shooting for this season?  Are you on break right now?"

Jamie Denton says, "We're starting the finale now"

Yoda_Lyle says, "Are there flashbacks in Season finale?" ... mc_california says, "Is it a two hour finale?"

Jamie Denton says, "Great flashbacks"

Jamie Denton says, "Not giving away too much am I Lois??"

IWriteForYou says, "Not for me *LOL*" 

dwchong says, "any film roles for you over the hiatus?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks for asking dwc--waiting to hear fate of the show"

wallflower_89 says, "Do they ever read our letters?" 

Jamie Denton says, "I read every letter I get"

Jamie Denton says, "Really great Catherine Parker thread in finale"

oubre1234 says, "will you let us know when they tell you if the show has been renewed?"

Jamie Denton says, "We'll have a pretty good idea about the show in a couple of weeks. A lot depended on what kind of lead-in we gave the Others last night" Jamie Denton says, "You'll know as soon as I do--I'll post" Jamie Denton says, "We are somewhat tied to the future of The Others"

missinglincoln says, ""Others" is a damned good new show.   I hope it works for both of you."

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks a lot Matt--I appreciate it"

lalacharly says, "Will there be a Pretender\Others crossover?" ... micauder says, "what's "others""

Jamie Denton says, "No crossover plans yet--waiting to renew or not"

JDsMoegirl says, "*sigh* I've got to go, gang"

Jamie Denton says, "Bye Sarah--best to your mom"

kwb60 says, "That scene with Lyle's assistant was tooo creepy! Loved it!" 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks kwb"

IWriteForYou says, "Assuming the show *is* renewed, do you think much of the writing will have to change because of the earlier time slot?"

Jamie Denton says, "The writing will/has changed a little for 8 p.m."

anni_51 says, "what episode is your favorite one, Jamie?"

Jamie Denton says, "Good question Anni--probably "Agent" or "Red Rock""

HDessart says, "Jamie, you do "shirt off/being tortured VERY well!!!" 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks HD--I think"

mc_california says, "Jamie - Great work. The look of fear and annoyance when Lyle realized Jarod had the upper hand was awesome."

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks MC"

b_twins_on_tour says, "<wondering what happened to the other tattoos...>"

Jamie Denton says, "Wanna see the other tattoos?"  

Achoo13 says, "sure" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "YES JAMIE" ... Lyles_girl says, "yes" ... IWriteForYou says, "(hides eyes)" ... dwchong says, "yeah" ...asha_ca says, "LOL jamie" ... KD2011 says, "yes" ... c1joy says, "Yes!" ... katchoun says, "yup" ... wallflower_89 says, "Absolutly!" ... SabrielX says, "Yup yup!" ... dilm2k35y says, "YES!" ... HDessart says, "YES!" ... southernbelle_180 says, "yes!!" ... kwb60 says, "GREAT line" ... mc_california says, "I Loved that line (tatoos)" ... Pax_2735 says, "YES!" ... kar328 says, "Matthew - shut your eyes LOL" 

Jamie Denton says, "Sorry--couldn't resist quoting Lyle"

Chickydoodles says, "Jamie, will you be doing any talk shows soon?" 

Jamie Denton says, "No talk shows--there have been a few radio morning shows, but that's it--not enough Lyle to warrant it"

jojarod50 says, "You did such an excellent job - Jamie - Wow! Will be seeing you more in the upcomming episodes?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks jojarod--not much Lyle until the finale"

wallflower_89 says, "My mom just asked when you would be in another play.  BTW, my name is Melissa" ... 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks Melissa--we're trying to put together another of Mike Petty's plays for the fall possibly"

TravelGal99 says, "Jamie, looked like a  red bruise on the right side of your face near the end of the ep.  Did I miss something; what casued it?" 

Jamie Denton says, "The bruise was there from the limo scene on--you just couldn't see it in the bright light of the Jarod scene"

mc_california says, "Jamie - any new developments on In walked Monk- The movie, or are you waiting for renewal news?" 

Jamie Denton says, "IWM the movie is slated for Fall possibly -- depending on renewal"

spectra37 says, "I love your character, so intimidating and fascinating" 

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks spectra--good script for that last night"

size10w says, "fall release or fall filming?" 

Jamie Denton says, "Filming, Jeremy--"

TravelGal99 says, "Hafta look at the limo scene again. I did catch it when Jarod took the hood off, although it was more pronounced later on."

Jamie Denton says, "Not during the scene Marge--Jarod did it getting Lyle out of the car"

mc_california says, "Marge - I think it was not shown, but the briuse must have originated from Jarod getting Lyle from the limo to the basement"

Jamie Denton says, "Pretty good Lyle/Parker stuff in the finale" (note:  this is in response to a slew of  "what's going on between Miss Parker and Lyle" questions)

Riyadha says, "when is the finale?" 

Jamie Denton says, "The finale will be the last week of May sweeps"

Jamie Denton says, "They cut the thumb thing pretty close last night, didn't they?"

mc_california says, "yes! Putting on the glove without showing too much, nice job!"

Jamie Denton says, "Good story about the bathroom scene--"

HDessart says, "In the bathroom scene, I kept wondering how Lyle washed the glove! "

IWriteForYou says, "Tell!!!" southernbelle_180 says, "do tell" ... spectra37 says, "tell!" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "Tell us" ...

Jamie Denton says, "That entire scene was to be shot in the hall. I asked Rodney Charters (director) if I could be trying to escape to the bathroom"

faith_parker_70 says, "kewl idea!" ... spectra37 says, "That's a great idea" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "Hmmmm" ... mc_california says, "great idea!" ... THEPASSION81 says, "the scene worked, that's for sure!" ... Patrickphile says, "Wait for it...."HDessart says, "You had a GREAT idea, Jamie!"

Jamie Denton says, "Andrea said "well I'd just follow him in there""

IcyAndrea says, "yeah, it was a gooooooood one" ... spectra37 says, "oooh, perfect" ... anni_51 says, hahhaaaaaaa ... kar328 says, "MP definitely would" ... jojarod50 says, "lol" ... IcyAndrea says, "of course." ... Lyles_girl says, "lol" ... oubre1234 says, "you thought of that wonderful bathroom scene? It was great!"... Pax_2735 says, "LOL" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "she's so good" ... dilm2k35y says, "Definately" ... faith_parker_70 says, "great idea, both of you" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "It complimented the other bathroom scenes this year very well" ... dwchong says, "good ad lib"

Jamie Denton says, "Rodney's eyes lit up and he started asking how quickly they could rebuild the bathroom with urinals"

kwb60 says, "Nothing like a good scene at the ole urinal!" ... HDessart says, "TOOOO good!!!" ... Kay_112_75 says, "LOL" ... faith_parker_70 says, "lol" ... THEPASSION81 says, "lol" ... Lyles_girl says, "lol" ... Chickydoodles says, "LOL" ... kar328 says, "LOL" ... katchoun says, "hehe" ... silly_dal81 says, "lol" ... spectra37 says, "I didn't see the Centre voting booth, though" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "LOL" ... TravelGal99 says, "*Very* MP to refuse to let that type of barrier stop her." ... wallflower_89 says, "Didn't that already have the set w/ urinals?" ... HDessart says, "WONDERFUL!!!" ... anni_51 says, "I can't beleive she stayed in there" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "must use a better bathroom than Broots"

Jamie Denton says, "The censors from the network jumped in and said I couldn't unzip until Andrea was directly behind me"

southernbelle_180 says, "hmmm you and Andrea seem to thing along the same wavelength" ... missinglincoln says, "Ummmm..........how do you zip up with only one thumb? The possibilities could be quite "tragic"" ...kar328 says, "LOL" ... HDessart says, "Hi IS her brother!" ... mc_california says, "lol" ... Pax_2735 says, "LOL Jamie" ... anni_51 says, "thats her" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "you REALLY unzipped???" ... SabrielX says, "LOL"

Jamie Denton says, "AND I had to be finished before she paced back far enough to see anything"

dwchong says, "standards and practices fun and games" ... katchoun says, "lol missing" ... jojarod50 says, "oh gosh" ... anni_51 says, "Oh My God!" ... Chickydoodles says, "on my" ... spectra37 says, "oh boy" ... IWriteForYou says, "Oh, for heavens sake!" ... THEPASSION81 says, "*giggle* talking about "working" under pressure!" ... mc_california says, "that was some quick business" ... birichineria says, "oh wow..." kar328 says, "LOL lots of good timing there" ... E_Wit says, "censors are no fun" ... Chickydoodles says, "it's all in the timing" ... TravelGal99 says, "Forgive me but I have to say it:  A quick zip."

Jamie Denton says, "Thus the quickest urination in television history"

anni_51 says, "haha" ... HDessart says, "Funny stuff!" ... faith_parker_70 says, "lol" ... IWriteForYou says, "LOL" ... jojarod50 says, "It was probably inspired by the Green Mile" ... larile says, "talk about Pressure lol" ... silly_dal81 says, "lol" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "LOL" ... E_Wit says, "LOL Mr Denton" ... spectra37 says, "oh my word" ... katchoun says, "lol" ... THEPASSION81 says, "too funny" ... Lyles_girl says, "i was going to saythat was short" ... oubre1234 says, "lol Jamie" ... spectra37 says, "really funny" ... anni_51 says, "we didn't hear anything though" ... faith_parker_70 says, "lol" ... mhfox2000 says, "really nice discription of the scene, thank you!" ... katchoun says, "lyle pretending to be paul edgecombe LOL" ... IWriteForYou says, "You were *listening*??" ... spectra37 says, "oh my, that was too much" ... k8chat says, "good story.  thanks" ... anni_51 says, "yup" ... HDessart says, "Lyle must've REALLY had to go!" ... kar328 says, "we all were Lois" ... anni_51 says, "sure was"

Jamie Denton says, "Can't have urination audio either"

kwb60 says, "How could you help it Lois?" ... HDessart says, "REALLY!" ... SabrielX says, "Do we *want* audio on that?" ... IWriteForYou says, "I helped it!!" ... missinglincoln says, "Too hard on the microphone?" ... size10w says, "That's what I thought - the audio would be too explicit" ... IWriteForYou says, "Geeze!" ... Chickydoodles says, "this conversation has gone down the toilet if you ask me" ... faith_parker_70 says, "lol - as if we don't hear it daily in real life" ... dwchong says, "thought all in the family took care of that prejudice?" ... E_Wit says, "I think that would border on oversharing"... wallflower_89 says, "LOL"

Jamie Denton says, "That's a good example of why it's fun to work with Andrea"

Chickydoodles says, "so to speak" ... spectra37 says, "lol" ... faith_parker_70 says, "chicky pulled a 'matt'" ... anni_51 says, "no" ... HDessart says, "Urination audio! WHAT a concept!" ... southernbelle_180 says, "oh my goodness now Linda is caught the Matt bug" ... Achoo13 says, "brilliant" ... anni_51 says, "not realy" ... Chickydoodles says, "now that is a scary though yvonne"

Jamie Denton says, "It would've been a much less interesting long hallway scene if Rodney hadn't been open to our ideas"

Jamie Denton says, "Great director"

micauder says, "and what about a fifth take ?" ... spectra37 says, "that's really, very good" ... kar328 says, "we agree" ... IWriteForYou says, "I agree!" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "Shakes head in wonder" ... dwchong says, "give rodney a gold star from us" ...  ... Patrickphile says, "Yes, I thought Rodney did a terrific job." ... missinglincoln says, "Thank you for leaking this "inside" information." ... IWriteForYou says, "even though I *didn't* listen" ... kar328 says, "oh right Lois"... anni_51 says, "hahhahaaaaaa" ... mc_california says, "Matt!" ... Chickydoodles says, "good OLD matt"

jojarod50 says, "Will you be appearing in the epi - Junk?"

Jamie Denton says, "I'm not in Junk"

mc_california says, "Are you in others before the finale, we hope!" 

Jamie Denton says, "Well, I've been in a lot of junk, just not this episode"

HDessart says, "Too bad you're not in Junk, Jamie! "

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks HD--only a few Lyle scenes before the finale. I have one scene in the ep Jonny directed (School Daze)"

Chickydoodles says, "Jamie, you're a big reason why I watch Pretender"

Jamie Denton says, "Thanks Linda"

wallflower_89 says, "Any spoilers for School Daze?"

Jamie Denton says, "No SD spoilers--I heard JG did a fantastic job, though" Jamie Denton says, "I have one scene with Angelo, Mr. R and Syd in SDaze"

Lyles_girl says, "besides MTW and JG did any of the other cast members direct?"

Jamie Denton says, "Nope--just MTW and JG"

oubre1234 says, "I think  Jamie should direct  specially when they're not letting him do anything else!"

Jamie Denton says, "The movie In Walked Monk will be my first directing behind a camera--only theater up until now"

c1joy says, "Would you like to direct  an ep, Jamie?"

oubre1234 says, "do you like directing or acting better?"

  Jamie Denton says, "I wouldn't mind directing--I know it's fun.  I'd rather act, I think"

kwb60 says, "The Bowmans remind me of a rural version of the next door neighbors in American Beauty."

Jamie Denton says, "Nice, kwb"

silly_dal81 says, "Gotta sleep. (1am) Thanks Jamie. Bye everyone"

Jamie Denton says, "Bye Dal"

Lyles_girl says, "will you be in the movie?"

Jamie Denton says, "Yes, I'll be playing Steven in the film too"

TravelGal99 says, "Isn't it "the other" Eric in the Jack in Box commercials?"

Jamie Denton says, "Yep, that's E. Saiet in the commercials, I think"

Jamie Denton says, "Well, I've gotta run--thanks for coming everybody"

HDessart says, "Bye!" ... Patrickphile says, "Bye, Jamie" ... spectra37 says, "bye!" ... oubre1234 says, "bye Jamie" ... Yoda_Lyle says, "Bye Jamie" ... dwchong says, "bye" ...Chickydoodles says, "bye jamie" ... DentonFan says, "bye!" ... musicgrl72 says, "bye" ... anni_51 says, "bye Jamie" ... MissP007 says, "Bye Jamie" ... E_Wit says, "BYE JAMIE" ... MTWfan says, "bye jamie" ... Gladysbug says, "Bye, Mr. Denton" ... Jdsls says, "Bye and thanks!"   TravelGal99 says, "Thank YOU for comming Jamie!" ... kwb60 says, "Bye Thanks for coming" ... bluecovede says, "bye Jamie" ... katchoun says, "Bye jamie" ... No_Nick_Here says, "night jamie" ... mhfox2000 says, "bye"... mc_california says, "Bye Jamie, thanks for coming!!!" ... THEPASSION81 says, "bye Jamie..thanks!!" ... SabrielX says, "Bye, Jamie.. thanks for being here!" ... jojarod50 says, "Bye Jamie" ... spectra37 says, "Thanks for coming, it was fun!" ... dilm2k35y says, "Bye Jamie!" ...  Pax_2735 says, "bye Jamie! And thanks " ... marityne says, "bye Jamie!" ... kar328 says, "bye Jamie thanks for doing this" ... MyraLew says, "Bye Jamie- come every week!" ... In2Lyle says, "Bye!" ... faith_parker_70 says, "bye jamie!" ... southernbelle_180 says, "bye Jamie thanks for coming by" ... anni_51 says, "bye" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "bye Jamie! x4" ...  IcyAndrea says, "bye Jamie" ... zacharylee54 says, "bye bye" ... missinglincoln says, "Thank you for being here!" ... jojarod50 says, "thanks soooooo much Jamie" ... faith_parker_70 says, "thanks for acting " ... katchoun says, "and good afternoooooooon" ... mc_california says, "Awsome performance yesterday!" ... IWriteForYou says, "As if we'd miss it  :-)" ... Spectra37 says, "We always watch..." ... dilm2k35y says, "come back soon" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "our *pleasure*..." ... anni_51 says, "bye" ... Chickydoodles says, "bye everyone"

Jamie Denton says, "I'll see you after the finale if not sooner"

jojarod50 says, "you're the best" ... micauder says, "thanks for all jamie" ... IWriteForYou says, "Thanks for coming today :-)" ... birichineria says, "Have a pleasant day Mr. Denton" ... SabrielX says, "We do it all for you. " ... marityne says, "keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!" ...  size10w says, "Bye Jamie" ... pretenderangel17 says, "Thanks Jamie"  ... anni_51 says, "cool" ... katchoun says, "sooooooooooner" ... jojarod50 says, "Take care" ... Pax_2735 says, "till then" ... katchoun says, "lol" ... oubre1234 says, "great acting, keep it uP!" ... THEPASSION81 says, "Take care, everybody" ... Isopodia says, "sooner please!" ... b_twins_on_tour says, "LOL" ... HDessart says, "Take care and thanks for your Lyle!!!" ... faith_parker_70 says, "bye, til then!" ... missinglincoln says, "We'll write about you behind your back until then." ... spectra37 says, "hasta la vista" ... TravelGal99 says, "Gorgeous day out, catch some rays......." faith_parker_70 says, "lol matt" ... dilm2k35y says, "We all love you" ... 

Jamie Denton leaves