Jamie's August 2, 2001 Chat 
Jamie's Place and Chat

Jamie Denton enters

Jamie Denton says, Hope you don't mind a collective "Hello" or we'll spend all day with greetings. I'd like to say it to everybody individually, but.......

Chickydoodles says, What was your audition for?
mc_california says, second Chicky's question and adds: and how did it go?

Jamie Denton says, The audition was okay ... sometimes they're pretty silly

KD2011 says, What was it for?  can you tell us?

Jamie Denton says, I probably shouldn't, though that sounds odd.  It's for a project that isn't really green-lit yet.

tp_phil says, Jamie have you some news in TNT/AOL plans for more tP movies?

Jamie Denton says, I met with some folks at TNT about a month ago.  They're pretty tight-lipped, but were adamant about how thrilled they all are with the movie.  They insist that waiting to do a new one doesn't mean anything negative.

faeryqueen_rs says, What's the weirdest thing you've had to do for an audition?

Jamie Denton says, The weirdest?  Probably for the movie Thin Red Line.  The casting director made me get down on the floor in the corner and act like I was talking into a remote control while her assistant made "bomb" noises.  It was ridiculous ... particularly for a movie that size.

KD2011 says, What was your favorite scene of the first Pretender movie?

Jamie Denton says, In the first one, I guess my favorite was the scene where AP, JG and I walk down that long hall and show them my new thumb at the end.  The whole scene had to be looped because the building was too noisy.

mc_california says, btw, was that hall inside the REAL Centre?
pre_ten_der says, where was the scene shot?

Jamie Denton says, That hall is actually inside the building they use for the Centre.

Chickydoodles says, Will Mr. Lyle keep his new thumb?

Jamie Denton says, There is more thumb drama ...

tp_phil says, Jamie, have you some spoilers of the Island of The Haunted, please?

Jamie Denton says, How much do you all know about the second one?

OLBJAN says, wasn't shooting in canada a little tough - as to what we see from the pictures you took (thx btw) it looks a little... cold there.

Jamie Denton says, It was cold, but really nice - great city.

KD2011 says, Can you tell us about the basic plot of the second movie, at least? Do you have any real great Miss Parker/Lyle scenes?

Jamie Denton says, There is some good Lyle/Parker stuff. It's been so long, it's hard to remember.

pretenderprofilergirl says, Is Mr. Cox ever going to show up again?
KD2011 says, or Mr. White

Jamie Denton says, No more Cox or White

OLBJAN says, One thing about Toronto, did the people there recognize you (or any of the others from the show) when you were walking the streets?

Jamie Denton says, We got recognized ... usually if MTW was with us though.  It happens to me a couple of times a week - here and in Canada. I had a long conversation with an Asian girl in the Dublin airport who just walked up and said "you're Jamie, right?"

Jamie Denton says, There's one great scene (in IOTH) with Miss P, Daddy P, Raines, Lyle and Jarod ...

mally_oops2000 says, All at once?

Jamie Denton says, All together ...

bookworm_on_the_run says, How was Ireland? Did you like the beer?

Jamie Denton says, Loved the beer

Chickydoodles says, I'm looking forward to seeing your new play Jamie, so is my Dad.  How do you like the new play?

Jamie Denton says, Yes, I love the play.

KD2011 says, Do we find out whose Miss Parker's and Lyle's real father is in the next movie? Is it the same person?

Jamie Denton says, There is a LOT of Parker background revealed, Centre history, etc.  There is an actual ghost or two.  Miss Parker tracks Jarod to Scotland ... thus the island.

OLBJAN says, question is: are we going to get more answers than new questions????

Jamie Denton says, I don't think there are any *new* puzzles.  No Kyle, No Alex, No Brigitte.

summerrses says, please tell me they find Broots

Jamie Denton says, I don't even remember Broots being lost

gagouroar says, and Ethan?

Jamie Denton says, No Ethan.  Where's Matt?

IWriteForYou says, Emily (his computer) is broken - so he's off line indefinitely. He does, however, send his regards.

mc_california says, I assume you're in rehearsals already, going smoothly?

Jamie Denton says, It's shaping up really well.

kar328 says, Do you prefer Locked Up Down Shorty's as a play or as the short you filmed?

Jamie Denton says, The play is *much* better than the short.

tp_phil says, End of second movie open the door of a third movie? Is there any cliffhanger?

Jamie Denton says, There's a fairly big cliff-hanger

TravelGal99 says, How long is the play, er, playing for, in Santa Monica?

Jamie Denton says, We have a 6-week run.

mc_california says, how big is the theater?

Jamie Denton says, About 80 seats.

jeannette_denton says, Only 80 seats? You should come to germany. In a theater not far from my home are much more seats.

Jamie Denton says, We purposely use small theaters so it's a little better experience

KD2011 says, Have you had a reunion with any Pretender cast members since you've worked on the last movie? How are they all doing?

Jamie Denton says, Jonny invited me to the premiere of his new movie, but I can't go because of the play.  I've talked to Andie on the phone a few times, but haven't seen her

kar328 says, Which is your favorite play out of the ones you've been in? Or favorite character?

Jamie Denton says, Boy that's tough - favorite play.  The original "Wait Until Dark" by Frederick Knott was a great play.  Later it was a movie with Audrey Hepburn and Richard Crenna. My favorite role was probably the lead in a show called "Mariposa."  I never left the stage for 2 hours - good challenge.  It's tough to beat Stanley in "Streetcar", though.

tp_phil says, Jamie, do you will play guest star in some show?  (like West Wing and Ally MC Beal last year) And which show do you want be guest star?

Jamie Denton says, I'll probably end up on one of the Bochco shows (Philly, NYPD)  I nearly got a regular job on "Philly" so they know me pretty well

tp_phil says, what is this show Philly? Th new's boccho?

Jamie Denton says, Philly starts in the Fall.   Kim Delaney's new show.  I was very nearly her husband in it.

bookworm_on_the_run says, Ever thought of doing a musical?

Jamie Denton says, I started in musicals - Kiss Me Kate, Mystery of Edwin Drood, Curly in Oklahoma

mally_oops2000 says, Was it Jim Caviezel who beat you out for Thin Red Line?

Jamie Denton says, I don't know him. I wasn't reading for a particular role.

Jamie Denton says, Who's getting to come to the play?

Chickydoodles says, MEEEEEEEEEEE
faeryqueen_rs says, MEEEEEE
Chickydoodles says, Me and my Dad
IWriteForYou says, raises hand
kar328 says, me
mc_california says, I'm coming
bookworm_on_the_run says, MEEE twice
TravelGal99 says, ME, Larry, and MOM! ( so watch it! ROFL)
IWriteForYou says, We only have 18 seats left for opening night, Jamie :-)
mally_oops2000 says, I'm stuck 2,000 miles away in Ohio -- it stinks here.

Jamie Denton says, Where in Ohio?

mally_oops2000 says, Half an hour from Cleveland, southwest, Medina.

Jamie Denton says, Go Buckeyes

mally_oops2000 says, The tractor exploded at the county fair less than two miles from my house.  Top national news story on Monday. Last year, two dozen citizens got sick with eColi from the water at the fair -- this year, 4 dead, 49 injured as a steam powered tractor explodes.

Jamie Denton says, Dangerous fair ...

Chickydoodles says, You were great on Jag Jamie

Jamie Denton says, Fun show.

jeannette_denton says, Jamie was brilliant in "That old feeling", somebody agree?
mc_california says, agrees
TravelGal99 says, totally agree
spatchy20 says, i agree
bookworm_on_the_run says, only reason to watch it
kar328 says, agrees

Jamie Denton says, Thanks Jeannette

Chickydoodles says, Jamie is wonderful in everything

Jamie Denton says, I should pay you, Linda.

Chickydoodles says, no need to

Jamie Denton says, Well, I've gotta run.  Even on the motorcycle it takes a while to get to rehearsal at 5:30

Jamie Denton says, Sorry there weren't more spoilers ... I *do* get to handcuff Jarod however. And one of the family jumps out of an airplane over the ocean

Chickydoodles says, as long as it's not lyle

Jamie Denton says, Might be ...

Jamie Denton says, Gotta go -more in the next chat ... (bye Lois)

IWriteForYou says, Later!

Jamie Denton leaves