About Jamie's Chats ...

Because everyone has a different idea of what is "courteous" and what is not, I've spelled out some matters of "Jamie chat courtesy" here for you.   Please read them.   Take them seriously, because I do -- and I will take whatever steps I have to take to prevent one person from spoiling the fun for everyone else in the chat room while Jamie is there -- even if it means ejecting that person from the room, right in the middle of the chat.

Matters of courtesy that relate to Jamie's time in the chat ...


  • Jamie speaks English, JPAC is in English, questions in the chat must be posed in English. If Jamie chooses to answer your question, he will answer it in English. (Jamie parle anglais, JPAC est en anglais, questions dans la causerie doit être posé en anglais.  Si Jamie choisit de répondre à votre question, il lui répondra en anglais.)
  • You should never PM (private message) Jamie during a chat ... EVER.
  • There are some questions that Jamie will choose not to answer.   So be it.   Do not try to bully him into answering your question by asking it a thousand times or by having your friends join you in ganging up on him.   You may ask your question 2 times ... once and then one more time to be sure that he saw it the first time.  If he doesn't answer it the second time, just let it drop.  HE gets to choose which questions he will answer, not you.  (Jamie choisit au lequel les questions il répondront, pas vous.  Ne demandez pas à la même question plus de 2 fois.)
  • When Jamie is in the room, HE is to be the topic of conversation, not someone else, not anything else.  There are transcripts of many of Jamie's chats available on his website (here's the link) - do everyone a favor and read through them so that you don't ask a question that's been answered over and over again. (Allez à cet endroit voir que ce qui interroge Jamie a déjà répondu avant:
ALSO - to keep the screen from scrolling a million miles a minute - when Jamie is in the chat and someone new enters or someone already in the chat leaves, please don't say "Hello" or "Goodbye" to them.  Everyone who reads this page (as they are supposed to) will understand that you aren't being rude - that it's just to keep the screen moving at a speed that Jamie can read more easily on his special chat day :-)

I've tried to make all of this as straightforward as possible, in order that everyone can understand what is being said on this page.  However, if you have any questions about anything that you see here, e-mail me BEFORE the day of the chat.


-- Lois --

If you want to say something "privately" to Jamie or ask him a question that you feel he overlooked in the chat, just go to Jamie's "contact" page and use the information that you find there to send him your thoughts.   He personally reads every single piece of mail that he receives - so you can't get any more personal than that, which eliminates the need for anyone to attempt to do this in the chat. (Si vous voulez dire que quelque chose "en privé" à Jamie ou lui demander que une question que vous le sentez a donné sur dans la causerie, juste allez à la page du "contact" de Jamie et employez l'information que vous trouvez là pour envoyer lui à vos pensées. Il lit personnellement chaque d'une seule pièce de courrier qu'il reçoit - ainsi vous ne pouvez pas devenir plus personnel que cela, qui élimine le besoin de n'importe qui d'essayer de faire ceci dans la causerie.)

If you've contacted him before, and he hasn't answered you, the chat is not the place to bring that up.   Believe me when I tell you this, the rest of the people in that room don't really care about whether Jamie has contacted you or not ... they just want to talk to him and have him answer their questions, right then, while he's in the chat, because he's just not there very often anymore.   Use the information on the "contact" page to send him an e-mail or a letter relating to your private matter.   If you still don't get an answer, then please just let the matter drop.   There are some things that Jamie simply chooses not to address - and that's his right.   Don't spoil a good thing for everyone by becoming a nag.