Staying fit and energized throughout your pregnancy just got easier. Custom-created by Hollywood trainer and Hollywood mom, Erin O'Brien, Prenatal Fitness Fix, Complete Pregnancy Fitness and Strong Body, Ageless Body are workout programs that quickly and effectively condition your growing, changing body, when you get pregnant, during your pregnancy and afterwards.

Modified Pilates, kegels, sports conditioning, and true-blue body sculpting seamlessly blend together in Erin’s workouts. You’ll get it all: fat-burning cardio, muscle toning, strength training, and tension-relieving stretches.

You take these exercise classes in the comfort of your own home. No special equipment needed, just clear some space in your living room. During Prenatal Fitness Fix, there's even 20 minutes in which Erin and her husband, actor JAMES DENTON, take you through a circuit-training partner series.

Erin O’Brien has 10 years of experience as a pre/postnatal exercise specialist working in elite fitness clubs in both New York City and Los Angeles. She holds several certifications, including one in pre/postnatal training from the Esquerre Fitness Group.