Index of Jamie's "Philly" episodes

"Philly" aired for one season only (2001 - 2002) before being canceled by ABC.   Steven Bochco brought Jamie on board at mid-season to aid the struggling series by playing  Judge Augustus "Jack" Ripley - a love interest for the lead character, Kathleen Macguire.  Jamie did a terrific job and after his character was added as a regular cast member, the ratings began to climb - but ABC ceased to promote "Philly," pre-empted it, pulled it entirely during a vital sweeps week and, in the end, didn't even air its season finale until after the show had been canceled.

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December 11, 2001, Episode #10
"Fork You Very Much"

December 18, 2001, Episode #11
"Live and Leg Die"

January 8, 2002, Episode #12
"The Curse of the Klopman Diamonds"

January 15, 2002, Episode #13
"Ripley, Believe It Or Not"

February 5, 2002, Episode #14
"Meat Me In Philly, Part 1"

February 26, 2002, Episode #15
(Conclusion of "Meat Me In Philly")
"Lies of Minelli"

March 5, 2002, Episode #16
"Here Comes The Judge"

March 12, 2002, Episode #17
"No Business Like No Business"

March 19, 2002, Episode #18
"Brotherly Love"

April 16, 2002, Episode #19
"San Diego Padre"

April 23, 2002, Episode #20
"Tall Tales"

April 23, 2002, Episode #21
"Thanks For The Mammaries"

May 28, 2002, Episode #22
"Mojo Rising"