James Denton
Jamie's Place and Chat (JPAC) supports Coach Dodson's class
Spotswood High School, Penn Laird, VA
March 7, 2009

The above photos are a sampling of what was sent to Coach Dodson's class at Spotswood High School in Penn Laird, Virginia.

Every year, both on his own and through his association with Band From TV, Jamie is responsible for many thousands of dollars being donated to various charitable causes.  

The members of Jamie's Place and Chat (JPAC), Jamie's long-time on-line fan club, are responsible for one-on-one support to people and/or groups who will benefit as much from personal interaction as they might from a monetary donation.

This particular JPAC endeavor began with a letter from Coach Dodson, who is the teacher to a class of severe and profoundly disabled students at Spotswood High School in Penn Laird, Virginia.  For the past 10 years, Coach Dodson's classes have conducted an on-going autograph project -- they request signed photos (or other memorabilia) from celebrities.  When the requests are honored, whatever has been donated to the class goes on the classroom wall and is used as a tool for the class to work on their social and communication skills.

The members of JPAC felt that they could address some of the needs of Coach Dodson's class AND could do something fun for the class, at the same time.   And so, several boxes of items were prepared to be sent to Penn Laird, Virginia.

The first item into the first box was, of course, the signed photo of Jamie that Coach Dodson requested.  Next went two Jamie-signed Jamie-bobbleheads, from previous seasons of Flyer's baseball.  We also included a Jamie-signed baseball (not the one in the photo above, alas, but one similar to it).

As the result of previous projects, JPAC members have found that providing gifts of cheer (see above photos) to children in hospitals, to people whose arthritis is slowly immobilizing them or to someone who just needs a break from the pain of rehabilitation after surgery, helps to turn what would otherwise be a dreary or painful act of "exercising" into something that is lighthearted and fun to do.  The thought behind this is simple ... Who doesn't want to be a cheerleader???

Since one of the members of JPAC lives in Virginia and has been talking about all of the snow they've had this winter, JPACers thought that including the "cheery" items would provide a colorful and fun way for Coach Dodson's class to get their exercise, even on days when they have to stay indoors.

Accordingly, large boxes were filled with poms, rooter poms, hoops, and hand poms ... enough for all of Coach Dodson's students to get their winter exercise by conducting their own pep rally, in their own classroom, anytime they want to do it :-)  The boxes were mailed from California to Virginia, on Saturday, March 7, 2009.

On March 23rd, we received a short slide show of the Spotswood High School students opening the packages and enjoying the contents (thanks, Coach Dodson!) ...  CLICK HERE  to allow us to share it with you! (and please be patient while it loads)

As always, JPAC thanks Getz Corp, for providing us with enough "good cheer" to share with our friends all over the world.  If your son or daughter is involved with the pep squad at school, please take a minute to be sure that whoever supplies their poms, megaphones and dance-wear purchases all of it from Getz Corp, in Orange, California.